Church Minister Asks People To Pray For Prince George To Become Gay, Clerics Outraged

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Kelvin Holdsworth, the provost of St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasglow, Scotland and LGBT rights supporter, requested prayers for 4-year-old Prince George to grow up a gay. The Anglican church minister is urging people to make this as their prayer intention so that the Church of England will accept same-sex marriage.

Prince George, the eldest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is the third in line to the throne. The clergyman used him as a “unique option” so that the same-sex marriage of the LGBT group would be successfully realized even if takes two decades from now.

In his campaign for a change in the rights of the LGBT group, Kelvin Holdsworth wrote on his weblog called What’s In Kelvin’s Head?

“England have another unique option, which is to pray in the privacy of their hearts for the Lord to bless Prince George with a love, when he grows up, of a fine young gentleman.”

Apparently, Holdsworth’s crusade targets the Church of England’s stand on same-same marriage. Citing Telegraph UK‘s previous report, it stated that while same-sex marriage is allowed in many parts of Britain, the “Clergy of the Church of England are unable to marry couples of the same sex.”

Moreover, under the House of Bishops’ Pastoral Statement, it was affirmed that the “services of blessing should not be provided for those who enter into civil partnerships or same-sex marriages.”

Holdsworth’s controversial suggestion on how to make the Church of England to agree to same-sex marriage was widely reported, especially because he involved the 4-year-old Prince George. Needless to say, his views gained a tremendous amount of negative reactions, with many prominent clerics criticizing him for his damaging remarks.

One conservative Christian group said that Rev. Kelvin Holdsworth’s action of bringing in Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge’s son to favor or backup a bigoted sexual agenda seems tasteless while Gavin Ashenden, a former royal chaplain and a missionary bishop of the Christian Episcopal Church, denounced the clergyman’s comments by describing it as unchristian.

Speaking to BBC, Ashenden added, “To use prayer as a mechanism for wishing this on Prince George is an unkind and destructive thing to do.”

Susie Leafe, the director of Anglican grouping Reform, also slammed Kelvin Holdsworth for using the young Prince for his crusade. She said that she was very disappointed that he brought up the innocent child into the same-sex marriage debate.

Meanwhile, the Church of England has been contacted for comments on Kelvin Holdsworth’s blog post about Prince George but they did not issue any statement regarding the matter.