Kate Middleton, Prince William Game Of Thrones Feud With Camilla Parker Bowles Just Fueled By Prince Harry?

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have been rumored to be embroiled in a real-life version of Game Of Thrones for months with Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles. Even though Prince Harry is busy planning his wedding to Meghan Markle, he reportedly is making time to join William and Kate in the battle for the throne.

Royal Tensions Soar Over Prince William’s And Harry’s Rumored Dislike For Camilla Parker Bowles

Prince Harry and Prince William have more power than outsiders may realize when it comes to Camilla Parker Bowles’ rumored dream of becoming Queen Camilla, reported the UK Daily Star newspaper.

“William and Harry may STOP Camilla becoming Queen.”

Insiders told the publication that royal tensions are soaring amid the speculation that Prince Harry will join Prince William and Kate Middleton in preventing Parker Bowles from becoming Queen. The complicated situation dates back to 2005, when Clarence House announced that Camilla would become Princess Consort after she tied the knot with Prince Charles.

As a result, Charles would need both Prince Harry and Prince William to back him in order to have Parker Bowles become Queen. But the sources revealed that Harry and William “are not close” to Camilla. One insider revealed that it’s not likely that Charles could persuade his sons.

Prince Harry reportedly is joining Kate Middleton and Prince William in the feud against Camilla Parker Bowles.
Prince Harry reportedly is joining Kate Middleton and Prince William in the feud against Camilla Parker Bowles.Featured image credit: Harry Page"Daily Mirror"/AP Images

Prince Charles Cannot Influence Prince Harry And Prince William — Except For Money

In the end, money may play a role in determining whether Prince Harry and Prince William will agree to support Parker Bowles, said the source.

“[Prince Charles] has little influence over [Prince Harry and Prince William] these days beyond the fact that he controls their money.”

However, Prince Charles is extremely busy right now. He has additional work from his father and the Queen, causing him to be “so absorbed with his own life” that it is thought he cannot spare the time it would take to persuade Harry and William to side with Camilla.

Moreover, Charles may even step aside to let William ascend to the throne.

Camilla Parker Bowles Reportedly Furious At Kate Middleton

The publication described Parker Bowles as furious that Prince William rather than Charles could become King when the Queen dies or steps down. Camilla’s enemy list is lengthy and impressive, and Parker Bowles wants her husband to “man up and fight,” said an insider quoted by the newspaper.

Camilla is so angry that she reportedly tried to shame Charles by telling him it is his “destiny” to become King. But the source said it isn’t Charles who is getting the brunt of Parker Bowles’ wrath.

“Camilla is livid that William could potentially take the throne, and she’s pointing the finger of blame firmly on poor Kate [Middleton].”

While the real-life Game Of Thrones continues, one report claimed that the Queen has become involved and is on Team Kate Middleton and Prince William.


Life & Style via Gossip Cop reported that Prince Charles was battling Queen Elizabeth over her rumored choice of Prince William and Kate Middleton for king and queen of England. The story claimed that Charles was joining Camilla Parker Bowles in feeling furious.

“Queen Elizabeth has chosen William and Kate Middleton to become king and queen. There is no way Charles is going to give up the throne.”

Queen Elizabeth was reported as wishing that Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, who “always wanted to be the next queen of England,” would “just accept her decision.” But a palace insider told Gossip Cop that the report is false.

Kate Middleton Popularity Makes Camilla Parker Bowles Furious

Allegations involving Camilla don’t end there. Celebrity Insider reported that it’s thought Queen Elizabeth will abdicate her throne within the next year. If she follows through with her rumored plan to bypass Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles and give the power to William and Kate, Middleton and her husband should prepare for war.

Camilla reportedly is furious about polls showing that most U.K. residents favor William and Kate over Parker Bowles and Charles. Behind the scenes, Parker Bowles and Middleton reportedly have been feuding for months. Prince Harry’s rumored support of William may take that feud to an even higher and hotter level.