Did ‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry And New GF Dominique Potter Always Plan On Raising Baby Lux Together?

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Kailyn Lowry’s recent pregnancy may have been a huge scheme. The Teen Mom 2 star recently confirmed that she’s dating a woman, Dominique Potter, sparking speculation that she wanted to start a family with her girlfriend ever since she parted ways with Javi Marroquin. Was Lowry misleading her baby daddy Chris Lopez this entire time?

Was Lowry Leading Lopez On?

Teen Mom Talk Now reports that Lowry confirmed her romance with Potter on her official Teen Mom podcast. Lowry admitted that she and Potter are in a relationship and sources claim that they are both committed to raising Lowry’s new son.

Although it’s possible that Lowry and Potter’s romance is new, fans quickly speculated that Lowry may have been planning this all along. One fan explained how Lowry has a history of dating women and that she only uses men for financial support and having children. If this is true, then it would explain why Lowry and Lopez parted ways as soon as she got pregnant.

A Look At Kailyn Lowry’s New Romance

Insiders claim that Lowry and Potter are in love with each other and couldn’t be happier about their future. They also spend a lot of time in each other’s company, despite the fact that Potter still lives in a separate home.

Lux, you are so loved ????????

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Fortunately for Lowry, Potter is great with her boys, especially Lux, whom Lowry had earlier this year. Lowry was originally worried about raising her son by herself after Lopez left, but it now looks like Potter is willing to help her for the foreseeable future.

It’s all good over on this side ????????

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For her part, Lowry sounded grateful that Potter is now a part of her life. On her podcast, Lowry revealed that they have been friends for over a year and that their relationship developed naturally. She did not say anything about the rumors, though it sounds like she met Potter before getting pregnant.

Lowry’s Big Holiday Plans

According to Hollywood Life, Lowry is looking forward to spending the holidays with her new girlfriend. An insider told the outlet that Lowry is happy about celebrating Christmas for the first time in ages, and it’s all because of Potter.

While they haven’t discussed their future together, Kailyn Lowry and Dominique Potter are getting along great, and it sounds like things are finally coming together for Lowry’s romantic life.