Parents See Their Baby Move Right Before Burial — Doctor Pronounced Twin Newborns Dead, But One Alive

Twin premature babies who were born on Thursday were pronounced dead by doctors just hours apart from one another. One infant was stillborn, but the other baby was listed in critical condition and survived for a few hours before doctors pronounced the infant dead.

After the second twin baby’s death was officially documented by the doctors at a northwest Delhi hospital, their remains were released to family members for burial. The babies were wrapped in a polythene bag by staff at the Max Hospital in Shalimar, Bagh, and handed over to family members who were transporting them for burial, according to The HealthSite.

It was during that ride in the vehicle that they noticed a “slight movement” in the plastic bag holding the remains of both twins. Ashish Kumar, who is the father of the babies, opened the plastic bag and found that one of his babies was still alive. The family rushed the surviving baby to the nearest medical facility for help.

The doctors in this new hospital in Pitampura found the baby to be very much alive but in critical condition. The infant was put on life support in critical care. The father told reporters that he contacted the police over the incident. There is no updated word on the baby, but according to the last reports, the baby is still alive.

Max Hospital, where the babies were born and pronounced dead, has released a statement over the tragic event.

“It has been brought to our notice that a 22 weeks’ premature newborn, who is said to be on life support at a nursing home, was unfortunately handed over (as dead)…by Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. This baby was one of the twins delivered on the morning of November 30. The other baby was stillborn. We are shaken and concerned at this rare incident. We have initiated a detailed inquiry, pending which the doctor concerned has been asked to proceed on leave immediately.”

The hospital also passed along in their statement that they are in constant touch with the parents and they are “ready to extend all support.”

A story similar to this one made the headlines a few years ago when a mother in Argentina was brought into the morgue to say her goodbyes to her dead newborn baby. This baby was also premature. Instead of a baby, the parents were sent home with a death certificate, reports the Daily Mail in a 2012 archived article.

It was 12 hours later when the mother wanted to take a picture of her baby and was allowed into the morgue to say her farewell. The baby was kept in a refrigerated draw in the morgue, which was opened for the parents to view their dead infant.

This is when she heard her baby cry. The baby was saved and at last reports “she was getting stronger by the minute.” While rare, stories like these are heard periodically.