Jax Taylor Allegedly Cheated On Brittany Cartwright — With Whom?

Jesse Grant Getty Images

The rumors are always flying that Jax Taylor cheated on Brittany Cartwright. These two are still together, but now that a new season of Vanderpump Rules is coming out the rumors are heating up once again. People shared the details about what is being said and whom Jax allegedly cheated on Brittany with.

Former SUR employee Faith Stowers, who was on the show during Season 4, is reportedly saying that Jax cheated on Brittany and that it was with her. Tom Sandoval is the one who breaks the news to everyone at Scheana Marie’s birthday party, saying that Faith told him that she had sex with Jax. Brittany and Jax have been together a while and they have been through their ups and downs in their relationship. Jax, of course, denies it and says he didn’t do anything with her at all.

Kristen Doute doesn’t believe Jax, though. She is really upset to hear that he allegedly cheated on Brittany and isn’t holding back. Kristen goes off on him, telling him that he doesn’t get to go home tonight and he has to stay somewhere else. It is obvious that she is on Brittany’s side.

Then the news ends up getting to Brittany, who calls Jax out, too. She says, “I am disgusted, per usual, by you. If I find out this is true, I’m moving the f*** out, I’m taking the dogs with me, and you can rot in f***ing hell.” The thing is, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are obviously still together and have been constantly posting pictures of each other on social networks. They haven’t announced an engagement yet, but these two are still pushing through.

Jax goes looking for Faith at the party to bring her over and talk about it all. That will give him a chance to defend himself. Lisa Vanderpump is even there, helping take care of Brittany when she is upset. This is going to be a drama-filled season of Vanderpump Rules.

It is time for a new season of Vanderpump Rules and it is going to be a wild one. Don’t miss it when it starts airing on Monday, December 4, on Bravo.