‘LPBW’ Amy Roloff Spends Time With Jacob’s Girlfriend Again, Engagement Announcement Coming Soon?

Amy RoloffInstagram

Over the past couple of months, Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend, Isabel Rock, have been triggering engagement rumors among Little People, Big World fans. Considering the frequency of the family’s posts featuring Isabel, it does seem like Jacob’s girlfriend is integrating herself into the Roloffs really well. Just recently, Amy Roloff triggered these rumors once more, after she shared another image featuring an intimate moment with her youngest child’s love.

Amy uploaded her latest social media post a couple of hours ago on both her Facebook and Instagram accounts. On both posts, Amy specifically described how much fun she had with Isabel, as they engaged in some bonding activities. Amy’s upload, if any, seemed to invoke the idea that she already looks at Isabel as her own daughter.

Little People, Big World fans, of course, noticed this, and the subject of Isabel’s upcoming engagement to Jacob Roloff came up in the comments section of Amy’s latest social media posts. Some members of the LPBW community even remarked that Isabel and Jacob should just announce an engagement now, considering how close the former has become with the Roloff family.

“Those two are so adorable. They NEED to be engaged already!” wrote one commenter on Instagram.

“I smell another wedding and baby one day,” wrote another.

Considering that Jacob and Isabel have been public about their relationship for quite a while now, it’s not surprising to see many LPBW fans speculating that an engagement might happen soon. The fact that Isabel has been growing close to members of the Roloff family seems to be yet another indication that the young couple might be gearing up for an announcement soon.

The members of the Roloff family seem to be giving away signs of an upcoming engagement announcement, too. Tori Roloff, for one, recently uploaded a post explicitly calling Isabel her sister. Isabel also spent some quality time with Amy Roloff’s new flame, Chris Marek, this past Thanksgiving, when the family enjoyed a get-together with the Roloff matriarch.

Overall, it remains to be seen if Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock would indeed be announcing an engagement soon. The signs definitely seem to be pointing there, especially since it looks like members of the Roloff family have already fully accepted her. For now, members of the Little People, Big World community can only wait and see what happens in the next few months.