December 1, 2017
Katie Holmes Looks Distraught After Tom Cruise Allegedly Snubs Plea To Meet Daughter, Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes has been a mother and a father to Suri Cruise after she shockingly ended her six-year marriage to Tom Cruise in 2012. Although the Dawson's Creek actress has already adjusted her life as a single mom, reports revealed that she is definitely unhappy with the Mission: Impossible 6 actor's absence in their daughter's life.

Even though she has been in the public eye since her teenage years, Katie Holmes has always made sure to make her daughter's life as normal and as private as possible, but that does not mean that she will not allow her daughter to have a bond with someone very public, like her father, Tom Cruise.

A new report claims that Katie Holmes reached out to Tom Cruise to talk to him about being a part of their daughter's life. The source revealed that the 38-year-old actress "would like to at least have a conversation with Tom. Tom is Suri's father, and she wants them to have a relationship."

If Katie Holmes indeed contacted the Mission: Impossible 6 actor to be a father to Suri Cruise, it appears that her effort was a complete fail since the father-daughter duo has still not seen each other after their split.

Being the face of Scientology for years and a proud loyalist, Tom Cruise full-heartedly follows the rules to a tee. While his actions and loyalty are highly-praised by the controversial church's followers and leader, David Miscavige, Katie Holmes and people outside the cult-like religion just can't seem to fathom as to how he could put Scientology before his daughter.

If Tom Cruise has indeed declined the opportunity to meet up with his own daughter, it appears that it has taken a toll on Katie Holmes' appearance. The reported girlfriend of Jamie Foxx was recently snapped in New York city looking tired and distraught, which led people to speculate that the new whispers and speculations may have affected her.

While her recent outing may have nothing to do with the new claims, people just can't seem to omit the idea that they could have gotten to her head.

Although it was never confirmed, many believed that their failed marriage was a result of Tom Cruise's loyalty to Scientology. The cult-like religion was first introduced to the 55-year-old actor by his first wife, Mimi Rogers, and he instantly got hooked on the controversial church.