Amazon Delivery Woman Defecates On Customer’s Front Lawn After Delivering Package — Caught On Video

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A homeowner lodged a complaint with Amazon about a delivery woman who dropped off more than a package at his Sacramento house. Nemy Bautista was returning home when he noticed that a neighborhood dog had defecated in his yard, or so he thought. When he checked his home security camera footage he got the shock of his life. That wasn’t dog poop at the end of his driveway, it was an extra delivery that came with his Amazon package.

Nemy Bautista saw the disturbing evidence for himself on camera. What he saw wasn’t a dog pooping, what was now sitting in a lump on his lawn was human excrement. He was disturbed by what he saw in that video and called Amazon, according to Fox News.

Amazon is using third party delivery people for their deliveries during the busy season, which would explain why the woman was in a U-Haul truck. From the time stamp on the camera, he could see that he missed this delivery woman by just a matter of minutes.

He watched the footage as the woman stepped out of the passenger side of the van and checked around to make sure the coast was clear. Bautista said she then proceeded to defecate in front of his house at the end of his driveway, reports KCRA local news. Nemy posted this message to Amazon on Instagram, with a picture of the woman squatting behind the door of the van.

He spoke with representatives from Amazon and they were just as shocked as he was while they “thoroughly apologized.”

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They said they would get in touch with that delivery company, which again, was a third party delivery agency. Bautista felt that Amazon should take care of the cleanup and he told the representative from Amazon that he wanted someone to come to the house clean up the feces.

From what Bautista said, Amazon obliged, but just barely. They sent a man over to the house without anything to pick up the excrement. No gloves, no shovel, the man came with nothing. The guy grabbed a plastic bag, which he used to scoop it up and then asked if he could dispose of it in Bautista’s garbage can.

Bautista said he told the man that he didn’t want that stinking up his can, so the answer was no. The man left the bag alongside the garbage can and Bautista later threw it inside the can himself, rather than leaving the bag on the ground. Amazon did send him a gift card for his troubles, but that wasn’t the end of his problems with an Amazon delivery person.

He ran into another problem with an Amazon delivery the very next day. This time it wasn’t someone defecating in his front yard, but someone with a strong throwing arm.

The following day it was a different person who delivered a delicate porcelain figure in a box. When he came home to find the box in his rose bush, he checked the security camera footage once again. The tape showed a driver with a good throwing arm. The guy tossed his package instead of walking it up the driveway.

Apparently, Amazon is having much better luck with their packing department because that figurine was not broken. Once again he called Amazon and he was able to “shock” another representative with his newest incident. Another apology was given and that was that.

Bautista did say he was “disappointed” in how these back-to-back incidents were handled.