Dacre Montgomery Thinks A Sequel To ‘Power Rangers’ Could Happen

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

While Dacre Montgomery has been showing off his ability to be a bad guy in the second season of Stranger Things, earlier this year the actor showed off his heroics as a member of the Power Rangers, leading the team as the red ranger. Although the Power Rangers movie was not considered to be a critical or box office success, prior to the film’s release, there was some talk about potential sequels. Now, in a new interview with Montgomery, the actor shares his thoughts on the possibility of a second movie, and the way the rest of the cast feels about once more bringing the Power Rangers to life on the big screen.

Speaking to The Wrap about his current role on Stranger Things, the conversation shifted to the actor’s role in this year’s Power Rangers movie and his thoughts on what the future could hold for the franchise. Dacre Montgomery seemed to believe that a Power Rangers sequel was still possible and that it is not “out of sight.” Montgomery shared that he believes that the cast is more like a family while also revealing that they actually have a group chat where they still talk and discuss the possibility of working on a sequel.


According to the actor, “we all would love to do a sequel.” Dacre Montgomery said that he knows that every single one of them would “be there in a heartbeat” if the studio decided to move forward with a Power Rangers sequel. He said that if something were to be worked on, then he believes that all of the cast would be there ready to work.

Not only does Dacre Montgomery feel like everyone would return to work on a sequel, but he also thinks there is still a chance for another movie to happen. The actor and his co-stars believe that there is still potential in the franchise, and with the chemistry that was present on the big screen in the first movie, it makes sense that they would want a chance to explore that further.


Although Cinema Blend pointed out that the film was not necessarily a financial success, they did share that Dacre Montgomery and fans of the Power Rangers may have a reason to hold out hope for a sequel. Not only are the actors still hopeful about the future, but it seems that there was even a statement made about trademarks for the franchise that hinted at further interest in developing more stories.

As of now, there is no word on whether the studio will be moving forward with a Power Rangers sequel, but it is clear that there is still hope for more movies based on current rumblings over a trademark and even the excitement of Dacre Montgomery and the rest of the cast. In the meantime, fans of Montgomery can still see him on Netflix’s Stranger Things, as well as in the first Power Rangers movie.