NFL News: Eagles Star Being Sued By Man Who Says Player Seduced His Wife, Ruined His Marriage

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NFL players are used to battling things out on the football field, but sometimes, they have to face off in even tougher competitions off the field. The Philadelphia Eagles are having an amazing season, as they sit on top of the NFC, but one of their biggest defensive stars has something else to deal with now. A man in North Carolina has brought a lawsuit against defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, saying that the NFL star seduced his wife and ruined their marriage.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Joshua Jeffords has brought a lawsuit against Fletcher Cox in Mecklenburg County Civil Court. Cox is being sued for “alienation of affection,” as Jeffords believes Cox is the reason that his marriage was ruined.

The suit was filed on November 22, and Jeffords stated that he and his wife had a happy marriage, which was going well until September of this year. It was then that he found a number of text messages and Snapchat messages between his wife and the Eagles’ star defensive lineman.

The messages between the two were said to be “salacious” and went much further than anyone may have realized. In the suit, Jeffords claims that there were at least two of the messages which had Cox saying he wanted to get his wife pregnant.

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In the messages, Jeffords’ wife referred to Cox as “boo” and kept saying that she really liked him and loved everything he was telling her. She also stated that they would “make some damn beautiful babies” after saying they were “sexually compatible.”

Fletcher Cox is said to have met Jeffords’ wife when she was in Pennsylvania for a work trip in April of this year. Jeffords confronted his wife and asked her about the affair, which led to her visiting Pennsylvania multiple times, putting her belongings in a storage unit, and moving to the state from North Carolina.

The lawsuit states that Jeffords is seeking at least $50,000 in damages. He’s hoping this lawsuit will make other people think twice about cheating. According to TMZ Sports, the “alienation of affection” is a legitimate state law, and Jeffords may have an actual case.

Fletcher Cox and the Philadelphia Eagles are currently having a great season as they sit on top of the NFC and have the NFL’s best record at 10-1. This lawsuit could end up bringing about a great deal of off-the-field distraction that may have an effect on Cox and his teammates as they head toward the playoffs. Not only is he being sued, but he has his personal business and affair are out there for the entire world to see.