Ben Affleck Ready To Leave Lindsay Shookus For A Second Chance With Jennifer Garner?

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

It’s no secret that Jennifer Garner didn’t want her marriage to Ben Affleck to fall apart. She’s even said after splitting with Affleck that this is not the life she would have wanted for her children. Now it looks like Ben may be seeing the light. A new report claims that the Batman v. Superman star may have had a change of heart about his failed marriage. Is Ben ready to ditch Lindsay Shookus and get back together with Garner?

Ben and Jen split back in 2015, after it became obvious that he had a problem with drinking and gambling. Ben Affleck liked to party and Jennifer Garner had other ideas about how to raise their three children. Despite their split, Ben and Jen continued living together until May 2017.

When it was announced that Ben had moved on from Jennifer to Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus, fans of the troubled couple were shocked. However, now, according to a report from In Touch, it looks like Ben has returned to his senses and would also like to return to his family.

According to the report, Jennifer Garner invited Ben Affleck to come back home and spend Thanksgiving with the family. Inviting Ben back for the holiday dinner was reportedly all part of a bigger plan to get Ben back.

“Jen wants to spend the holiday at home like they used to,” an unidentified friend of Garner told In Touch. “She’s taking him back. It’s a huge step for them.”

From the sound of it, Ben might be interested in moving back home too. He started dating Lindsay Shookus over the summer, but it sounds like he’s just not that into her. Reports indicate that if Jennifer was willing to give Ben another chance, he’d run home in a heartbeat.

“Ben never wanted this divorce to happen and would absolutely get back together with Jen in a second if she would have him,” the source claims.

Apparently, this isn’t news to Lindsay Shookus, who thought Ben Affleck had already moved on from Jennifer Garner when they went public as a couple. How could she though? Ben was still living at home when they started dating.

“She thought Ben was over Jennifer because he truly convinced her that was the case,” the source shared. “Now she’s telling friends that she knows ‘his heart isn’t with me.'”

As Christmas approaches, it will be interesting to see where Ben Affleck goes. Will he be celebrating with new girlfriend Linsday? Or will Ben Affleck reunite with Jennifer Garner and put his family back together?