4-Year-Old Raped In School Toilet, Victim Identifies Two ‘Bad Teachers’ in GD Birla Rape Case

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A 4-year-old girl was sexually molested in a school in India. The victim has identified two people and referred to them as “bad teachers.”

The incident took place in GD Birla Centre for Education, a high-profile school in Kolkata in the Indian state of West Bengal. Two teachers have been arrested after the victim identified them from photographs.

Physical training teacher Mohammad Mofizuddin was the main suspect in the incident. It was suspected that only one teacher sexually abused the child. When the victim identified another teacher, Abhishek Ray, it was suspected that more than one person was involved in the crime.

The mother of the child noticed blood spots on the victim’s clothes, as the child was crying because of pain on the way back home from school. When she was rushed to a pediatrician, the doctor said that the child had been sexually molested. The doctor also informed the parents that the incident should immediately be reported to police, NDTV reported.

There have been numerous allegations against school authorities. It is questioned why a male teacher was appointed in an all-girls school. The principal of the institution told the Quint that there was no security camera present anywhere on the school premises. There is only one security camera present in the school, which is in the school office.

It is reported that other teachers in the school took the matter lightly when the incident was reported to them. Some of the teachers said that the child suffered it as a punishment for being “naughty.” The school authorities are reportedly trying to cover up the crime.

ABP Ananda reported that, according to medical authorities, the child’s genitals have been injured.

According to the victim’s lawyer, the child was offered chocolate and lured into the toilet. The accused took off her legging and underpants. Then, the child was sexually molested.

According to Joint Commissioner of Police Vishal Garg, both PT instructors are being interrogated at the moment.

If the court finds the accused guilty, they are supposed to face minimum 10 years of imprisonment. The maximum sentence for the crime is life imprisonment.