Leah Messer Reveals Someone Stole Her Christmas Tree: Her Daughters React To Thief


Leah Messer is going all out for her kids for the holidays, and today, she decided to go out and get a tree. She had her daughters with her, and after she had purchased the tree, she went back to a store to get a stand. While she was in the store, someone decided to steal her tree from her. As she explains, she was just inside the store to get a stand for the tree when someone decided to take the tree from her. She didn’t go into details about how she had left the tree or how everything played out, as her tweet was about her daughters. Ali’s response to someone stealing her tree supposedly gave her hope for the future.

Her followers were shocked that someone would steal a Christmas tree for three little girls and their mother, but there were some hilarious responses. While Messer didn’t explain what Ali had said, it sounds like the girls didn’t get mad about it. Hopefully, Leah could get them a new tree. According to new tweets, Leah Messer‘s followers have plenty of hilarious responses, and one person suggested that she should tell her girls that the Grinch stole the tree.

It’s definitely a creative answer, as her girls may have some fun with it. But Leah pointed out that if she told her girls that story, her youngest daughter Adalynn might demand to speak to the Grinch and get an answer as to why he stole their tree. Adalynn is often stealing hearts on social media with her random statements, so it isn’t surprising that Leah’s daughter wants a word with the Grinch if he stole the tree. Maybe her attitude has helped Leah stay positive as she’s trying to get ready for the holidays.

It’s pretty awesome that she can have some fun with this. Even though it is rude and inappropriate for someone to steal their tree, it’s impressive that Leah Messer’s daughters can be so accepting and forgiving. That suggests she has raised them right.

Leah Messer will be back for another season of Teen Mom 2 on MTV if producers decide to go forward with another season.