‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Shares Update That She’s A ‘Little Sick’ & A ‘Little Tired,’ But ‘Happy’

'Alaskan Bush People' star Rain Brown enjoying a 'sunshiny day'
Rain Brown / Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown shared another update on social media on Thursday, and this time, the update was about herself. Rain, 15, Billy and Ami Brown’s youngest child out of seven, took to her personal Instagram account yesterday and wrote that she’s “a little sick” and “a little tired” but “a lot happy.” Thursday’s post was lengthy and followed a lengthy video post from four days before that updated her followers on the status of Gabe and Birdie.

Rain Brown is very outspoken on her Instagram account and never hesitates to share exactly what she’s feeling. As the youngest member of the nine members of the Brown family, Rain appears comfortable posting her thoughts on social media, unlike the rest of her family, who she says are “private” people. Rainy typically shares several Instagram posts in a week to express her thoughts and feelings, and Thursday’s post was no different when she wrote out why people should smile, even if they don’t like their smile.

According to Rain Brown, although she was sick and tired on Thursday, she still managed a “genuine smile” for her thousands of Instagram followers. Rain added that what is seen “when you smile at someone and they smile back” is a “beautiful gesture of kindness and happiness.” Despite Rain revealing in October that she sometimes struggles with depression, as previously shared by People, the Alaskan Bush People fan-favorite vows to #stayhappy and wants her followers to do the same.

“So laugh and smile and see yourself as the beautiful unique quirky lovable you that you are.”

A little sick a little tired a lot happy and a Genuine smile, for all those people who don’t like they’re laugh or smile… when you smile at someone and they smile back do you think they see the “ugly” face you see? No they see a beautiful gesture of kindness and happiness, so why should you ever see something bad? And maybe some people don’t like your smile say it’s too big or say you laugh too loud, but really.. that’s like saying you’re too happy or you found that too funny, and the answer to the question can you really have too much of a good thing? And the answer is no not if it is truly good. So laugh and smile and see yourself as the beautiful unique quirky lovable you that you are ❤️ #stayhappy #staystrong #loveyourself

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One comment on Rain Brown’s most recent Instagram post agrees that the “world would be a better place” if people “smile and laugh every day.” Another comment says that a “smile is the best gift” and “doesn’t cost a cent.” Rain’s followers also commented that they are sorry that she isn’t feeling well but that her smile in the photo is “adorable,” even though some comments say she does look tired. Several comments thanked Rain for her “Rainspiration” in Thursday’s post and said that her smile “made me smile and happy.”

Of course, drama always seems to hit any update that Rain Brown shares on social media, and her post on Thursday about smiling led to some comments that had nothing to do with smiling and only led to some arguing in the comments. Rain clapped back at comments on her seemingly innocent post that somehow turned into asking about why she “can’t get her hair short enough” and why she talks about “rainbows on her posts.” To clear up any confusion, Rain posted that she’s “straight,” adding that she calls her “fans rainbows” because her “name is Rain.”