‘Counting On’s’ Jana Duggar Officially Courting? Why Is The Family Hiding Her Relationship With Caleb Williams

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Rumors have been swirling that Caleb Williams, a Duggar family friend, is courting Jana Duggar. Most of the rumors so far have come up false. New evidence, however, might prove that Jana and Williams are actually courting, and it all centers on Williams’ relationship with the family patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar.

Is Williams Trying To Get Jim Bob’s Blessing?

Per The Hollywood Gossip, Williams has been spending a lot of time with the Counting On star’s father. It’s no secret that Jim Bob approves all courtships, and Williams could be seeking his blessing to court Jana.

There’s also the fact that Jana and Williams have not denied the dating rumors and have downplayed their relationship with each other. Fans, however, have picked up on a few clues on social media and are convinced that Jana and Williams are indeed courting.

Williams Teases His Romance On Social Media

Williams activity on social media this week hinted that he might be dating Jana. For starters, Williams posted a photo of a bag of oranges resting on a granite tabletop. The image seemed innocent enough until fans pointed out that the counter looked like the Duggar’s home. Williams was also at the family’s big Thanksgiving dinner, though he didn’t make it into their holiday photo.

Why would the Duggars invite Williams to eat Thanksgiving with them, yet leave him out of the group photo? The Duggars are a very closely-knit family and probably wouldn’t have Williams over if he wasn’t courting Jana Duggar.

Why Haven’t The Duggars Addressed The Courting Rumors?

The big question is why the family has not admitted that Jana and Caleb are courting. With their younger children, it was announced that they were courting, then that was usually followed closely by an engagement announcement. So, why is there not a public announcement for Jana?

Jana is the only remaining adult Duggar that hasn’t gotten married. The 27-year-old has been linked to a grand total of four different men this past year, yet the family hasn’t talked about her love life or addressed any of the rumors.

Until we learn more, Jana Duggar opened up about finding a husband earlier this year and confessed that she’s willing to wait until the right one comes along. She has not confirmed or denied that Williams is her man, but hopefully, that will change soon.