Maci Bookout Shares Her Perspective On Sexual Assault Claims

John PhillipsGetty Images

Maci Bookout has been keeping a low profile on her social media accounts, focusing only on her business and posting ads for other companies. However, when something major happens in the world, these Teen Mom OG stars tend to talk about it because they have such a major platform. This is exactly what Maci decided to do this week, as more women are coming forward with stories about sexual assault. Maci herself hasn’t said anything about being a victim, but when the story about Matt Lauer broke, her mother decided to speak out. It sounds like Bookout agrees with what her mother has to say, as she retweeted her mother’s message.

According to a new tweet written by Maci’s mother and retweeted by Bookout herself, Maci Bookout revealed that people shouldn’t be scared of losing their jobs. Apparently, some men believe that they are in danger of losing their jobs because jokes or inappropriate gestures could cause them their jobs and possibly even their careers. However, Maci’s mother revealed that men should only be nervous if they have something to hide. As proven in the Matt Lauer case, there was enough evidence against him to prove that something had happened. Lauer even admitted that some of the comments were indeed true.

“A man just said after hearing of Matt Lauer’s firing- I guess all men are gonna get fired now. Well no, only those that have sexually assaulted/harrassed someone. Guys if you’re legitimately worried, you might want to adjust your behavior,” Maci’s mother Sharon shared on Twitter.

It sounds like Maci Bookout is encouraging her fans to behave appropriately. Surely, there are many people out there who may have done something inappropriate and they are worried about possibly being fired. After Matt Lauer was fired, it shocked a lot of people, as many expected NBC to have loyalty to him. However, it sounds like this isn’t the case as they were quick to make a decision to fire him. Some of Maci’s fans questioned whether people were overreacting, as so many women have come forward. While some people believed that women were speaking out now because they have the courage and support, others believed that they were doing it for attention and financial gain.

Maci Bookout is currently back on Teen Mom OG, which airs on Mondays on MTV. You can also stay up to date with what Maci is doing on her social media pages.