‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Lily’s Blood Saves Baby Sam’s Life, Forms Unbreakable Bond With Cane’s Baby

Dan SteinbergAP Images

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that the blood transfusion was successful and that baby Sam will live. Cane (Daniel Goddard) will be overjoyed that his son survived the operation and better yet, it’s all thanks to Lily’s (Christel Khalil) blood donation. Things are far more complicated from Lily’s perspective as she is still torn in an internal struggle of love and deep resentment.

Of course, Cane and Lily still care deeply about each other, but his affair with Juliet (Laur Allen) and the resulting baby has really shattered their marriage to its core. Lily is torn because although she still loves Mr. Ashby, she needs to consider their kids best interest and to protect her own heart as well. Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that she is also trying to support Cane through his current situation and with his new son.

Young and the Restless spoilers, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, state that Lily’s heart will go out to Cane when she sees him cradling his son. Something about his vulnerability will stir the deep feelings she has for him. More than that, when Cane hands her the baby Lily will freak out. It seems as if something more than a blood transfusion has occurred between Lily and the baby and it frightens her.


Lily realizes that she loves Sam too, after all they share blood, and that bond is unbreakable. However, all this emotion of Cane and his son will become much for Lily and she is overwhelmed. Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Lily might even wonder what it would be like to raise Sam with Cane. But she isn’t ready for that step yet. Lily will quickly give Sam back to his father and leave.

In the meantime, Hilary (Mishael Morgan) will also visit baby Sam and will soon be smitten. Cane, who will be saddened by Lily stranding him with the baby, will be delighted that someone shows an interest in his son. However, Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that tiny Sam could ignite Hilary into wanting a baby too. Perhaps she can talk Devon (Bryton James) into some baby making of their own, now that they’re both happily single?

Nevertheless, Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that a Cane and Lily reunion is in the works. Before long, the two will make up and give their marriage another shot. As for Lily, she needs to search her heart and make place for a new love.