Angelina Jolie Stressed Over Brad Pitt Divorce: Couple Still Married Amid Custody Battle Concerns

Angelina Jolie is delaying the process of finalizing her divorce from Brad Pitt, according to reports.

Jolie, who infamously filed for divorce in September 2016, is said to have been dragging out the divorce for quite some time now, and from what’s been gathered, Brad is utterly confused.

The Hollywood actor was under the impression that Angelina Jolie wanted to settle the matter as soon as possible, but with every offer Pitt has made to his estranged wife, Jolie has refused to cooperate.

Sources claim that Brad recently made it known through his lawyers that he would settle the divorce by giving Angelina Jolie the entitlement to $100 million of his net worth — an offer which the actress coldly declined.

At this point, it’s evidently clear that money is not an issue for Angelina Jolie; she’s not looking for financial gain from her husband.

Of course, this only begs the question of what Angie’s actually wanting from Brad in order for him to finalize the divorce and move on with his life.

Recent reports have claimed that Angelina Jolie still has feelings for Pitt and going through with the divorce would evidently mean that their marriage is completely over.

Coming to terms with that thought is something that Jolie doesn’t seem to have prepared herself for just yet, particularly because she still shares feelings for the actor.

After all, they spent 12 years of their lives together, so it’s completely normal to feel an attraction to someone that has been such an important figure in one’s life.

For Brad, however, he is deeply affected by the delayed process because it has also stopped him from coming to an agreement regarding the custodial rights both parents will share.

From what’s been gathered, Brad is more than ready to move on with his life, having accepted the fact that Angelina Jolie had wanted the divorce — it was all on her end, apparently.

There’s no going back now, it seems. Regardless of how hard it will be for Angelina Jolie to finalize the divorce, Brad is going to move on with his life, hinting there’s no chance of a possible reconciliation.