‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Is Reportedly Being Used By David Eason For Fame

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Jenelle Evans just started a legal war with some of her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. This week, Evans sent cease and desist letters to several members of the show, including Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, and her mother, Barbara Evans. While the contents of the letters remain unknown, the legal actions have opened up a whole can of worms about Evans’ relationship with David Eason.

Is Eason Using Evans For Fame?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, an inside source claims that Eason is only interested in Evans for money and fame. The source is a former girlfriend of Eason’s good friend, JD, and she says that Eason doesn’t love Evans.

Instead, he’s just using her for his own benefit. Even worse, the woman claims that Eason had this planned the entire time and never found Jenelle Evans attractive. The woman has not been identified. She shared her comments as a response to Barbara’s post about the cease and desist letter she got from Evans.

Inside Eason’s Dark Past

The insider revealed that Eason’s troubled outlook on life started when his ex-wife had an affair. The cheating scandal apparently devastated Eason, who has never been the same. Not only has he become a careless womanizer, but he’s also self-centered and doesn’t care about anyone besides himself.

Women around town are aware of Eason’s womanizing ways, which includes a time when he got a girl pregnant just to hurt his ex-wife. There’s no telling what he has planned for Evans, but things aren’t looking good for the Teen Mom couple.

Can Evans Escape Before It’s Too Late?

Along with using Evans for money and fame, the source told Barbara that Eason is a huge liar. The insider believes Eason is controlling everything Evans says and does, including her recent legal actions. Evans is, unfortunately, not in a position to fight back because they now share a daughter together. The source hopes that Evans will eventually get out of the relationship and told Barbara to stay clear of Eason.

Jenelle Evans has not commented on the rumors surrounding her relationship with David Eason or the cease and desist letters. The source’s comments have not been verified, so it’s hard to tell what is really going on behind the scenes.