Gwen Stefani Plagiarizing Old Hymns? Inside Her Worries About ‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas’

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Gwen Stefani is facing a little heat over her new Christmas album, You Make It Feel Like Christmas. Although the album has been doing well in sales and charts, Stefani has been accused of plagiarizing one of the tracks. What did the No Doubt alum say about the possibility of her stealing a song?

Did Stefani Steal Someone Else’s Song?

According to Christian Today, Stefani suspected that her song, “Christmas Eve,” may have been plagiarized from a track she heard at church. In a recent interview, the pop star admitted that the song felt familiar and she even told her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, about it. Shelton, however, enjoyed the tune so much that he thought she should include the song on her album.

If Stefani is guilty of plagiarism, then she could get sued for copyright infringement, which would put a damper on the album’s initial success. Fortunately, nobody has accused Stefani of stealing their song, at least not yet.

What Inspired Stefani’s Christmas Song?

Stefani says that she came up with the song while out on a jog. She was already thinking about releasing a Christmas album and wanted to write an original song about a prayer. The lyrics came to her when she was running, though it sounds like parts of the track may have been inspired during a church service.


While Gwen Stefani may find herself in some hot water over the song, it’s undeniable that her Christmas album has been a big success, and she owes some of that to boyfriend Blake Shelton.

Stefani And Shelton’s Big Duet

Apart from the plagiarism claims, Radio reports that Stefani recently opened up about her duet with Shelton on the track, You Make It Feel Like Christmas.

Stefani explained how Shelton created the first part of the song, recorded it and texted it to her. After she heard the recording, Stefani absolutely loved it and wanted to finish it as a duet. She also poked fun at her boyfriend for being able to write such a hit song on a whim.

Jealously aside, Stefani praised Shelton for being crazy talented and called him “a sexy babe.” Stefani may be facing plagiarism allegations, but she clearly couldn’t be happier with how things are going in her life.

Gwen Stefani is currently promoting her Christmas album, while Blake Shelton can be seen on The Voice Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.