Jessa Duggar Gives Fans A Peek Inside The Duggar Family’s Private Group Chat

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While Counting On’s future is currently in limbo, fans of the Duggar family can still see a glimpse into their lives, thanks to Jessa Duggar-Seewald’s social media posts. The 25-year-old reality star–Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s fifth child–recently posted an adorable screenshot of the family’s private group chat.

For a family of 19 siblings, perhaps the easiest way to stay in touch is through group chats. In Jessa’s post, shared on her Instagram Stories, she revealed that the Duggars’ private group chat is adorably labeled as “Fam Peeps iMsg.”

Jessa showed a little peek into their daily lives by posting a conversation between Anna Duggar, her brother Josh Duggar’s wife. Anna’s messages contain funny anecdotes about two of her children: Marcus, four, and Meredith, two.

“Out of the mouth of the babes,” Anna began her messages. She then proceeded to recount two instances when her toddlers’ antics became too funny for words.

“At dinner tonight we finally got Marcus to eat his fish–he even asked for a second serving!

Josh: Marcus, good job eating your FISH!

Marcus: Yes, Daddy, I like FISH. I even like SELFISH!”

Of course, Counting On fans know that Josh is the disgraced eldest Duggar son. He has not appeared on the family’s reality show since his sexual molestation and cheating scandals back in 2015. His wife Anna, however, occasionally joins the other Duggar siblings on Counting On.

Could this subtle mention of Josh Duggar mean that he is slowly being re-introduced into the limelight?


Meanwhile, it has been more than one month since Counting On wrapped up its sixth season and fans are still waiting for TLC to officially announce its return. However, according to In Touch Weekly, there are rumors that the Duggar spin-off series will not be getting a new season.

This may be due to another family member’s controversial actions. Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar’s husband, has repeatedly blasted TLC on social media for producing I Am Jazz, a reality series focusing on transgender teen Jazz Jennings. Like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Derick abides by a strict set of Christian rules. He has stated on Twitter that being transgender is a “myth.”

Because of Derick’s tirades, TLC has decided to cut ties with him. The network issued a statement that Counting On will not feature the 26-year-old Duggar son-in-law in the future. After Josh Duggar, Derick Dillard is the second Counting On family member to be shunned by TLC.