Donald Trump Calls Kate Steinle Verdict 'Disgraceful,' Incites Anger Towards Jury, Illegal Immigration

U.S. President Donald Trump is prompting a massive outrage against the San Francisco jury that handled the case of Kate Steinle's shooting. The Jury found Jose Garcia Zárate, an illegal immigrant who fatally shot the victim in July 2015, not guilty of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and involuntary manslaughter. Zárate was also found guilty of possessing a firearm, which he discharged accidentally.

Hours after Zarate has been acquitted of homicide, Trump has called out the verdict saying it's disgraceful inciting anger towards the jury.

"A disgraceful verdict in the Kate Steinle case! No wonder the people of our Country are so angry with Illegal Immigration."
The verdict sparked a controversial immigration debate online which could potentially become a political sensation that will give leeway on Trump's proposed imposition of immigration restrictions and the building of the wall at the Mexican border. In addition, speculations from the supporters of Steinle suggest that the jury's decision is influenced by the so-called "resistance" from the Democrats.

According to CNN, Trump often brought up Steinle's death on a San Francisco pier during his presidential campaign as an example of the dangers of sanctuary cities. Republicans have capitalized on Steinle's death which became very instrumental in their push for immigration reform.

This includes a bill passed by the House this summer titled "Kate's Law," which creates harsher punishments for illegal re-entry into the US, the report added.

Moreover, Trump supporters find these events as a useful weapon against states like California which support the protection of immigrants. They claimed that this happened because cities set aside the "rule of law" and embrace the "sanctuary city" which is designed to protect illegal aliens and criminals at the expense of American citizens.

Trumpers. like The Trump Train tweeted how furious they are about the verdict of Kate Steinle's killer. They are asking the people to blame liberal democrats who put murdering illegal immigrants before the American citizens whom they are supposed to represent, saying, "We need the wall NOW! #KateSteinle."

Meanwhile, other observers like National Security Reporter Mike Cernovich are turning on Robert Mueller. He said that "Mueller's Grand Jury is every bit as lawless and vindictive as #KateSteinle jury. It is time for Donald Trump to fire Mueller, these are lives he's ruining, savings he's draining, potential deaths he's causing."

Cernovich also started a poll asking people whether they still trust the Mueller investigation, considering his Grand Jury is politically identical to the Jury in the Steinle case.

Aside from his involvement in the murder of Kate Steinle, Zárate has been deported five times and a seven-time convicted felon with an illegal stolen gun just literally got away with killing an innocent woman in California.