Justin Bieber: His Romantic Plans To Officially Win Over Selena Gomez After Reunion Date Night

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Justin Bieber is hoping that he will get to spend the upcoming holidays with Selena Gomez’s family, it has been alleged.

Following his surprise absence from the singer’s Thanksgiving dinner in Texas last week, it’s believed that the singer is desperate to get himself in a position where Selena feels comfortable enough to invite her beau to a family Christmas event.

Sources, via Hollywood Life, feel that Justin Bieber will need to meet Selena’s family sooner or later, so in the singer’s mind, he thinks that Christmas is the best time for everyone to come together and embrace one another.

As previously revealed, it was assumed that Justin Bieber didn’t attend the Thanksgiving dinner from Selena’s family because they weren’t sure whether him being there was the right at that particular time.

Since everyone around Selena is still adjusting to the fact that she’s dating Justin Bieber again, who reportedly broke her heart on numerous occasions, it hasn’t been something where family and friends were ready to accept Bieber with open arms again.

Justin Bieber, however, has been very respectful of things because he’s aware that people will doubt that their get-together is genuine, already fearing that the duo will argue and break up again.

Selena and Justin couldn’t disagree more. They feel like they’ve matured enough to realize what they want in life, adding that they would have never given the romance another shot if they genuinely didn’t want to be with one another again.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that steps are being made very carefully and slowly — neither one of them is rushing into anything this time around, and seeing that it’ll take time for family and friends to come around, they are willing to wait.

However, Justin Bieber spending Christmas with Selena’s family seems something that both of them hope will happen.

It will be the best opportunity for Justin to show Gomez’s relatives and pals that he has stuck by his word and is determined to make the relationship work.

Justin Bieber and his girlfriend have remained quiet on reports claiming that they’ll be spending Christmas together this year.