Beyonce Reportedly Trash-Talked Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Hair — Feud Escalates Amid Kanye West Drama

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Beyonce reportedly dissed Kim Kardashian when the two ran into each other at Serena Williams’ wedding two weeks ago.

According to In Touch, as cited by Hollywood Life, when Beyonce happened to make eye contact with Kim, the two were very friendly with one another, with the “Formation” singer even going up to greet Kardashian, whom she supposedly hasn’t seen in close to a year.

The publication claims that as soon as Kim took to her seat at the wedding, Beyonce started making comments about Kim’s platinum blonde hair, which the 36-year-old was heard saying looked ridiculous on the reality star.

Beyonce supposedly wasn’t a fan of the look Kim was sporting at their friend’s wedding and went on to trash talk the mother of two for a couple more minutes before leaving the topic alone once and for all.

Apparently, Beyonce’s harsh words got back to the socialite in a matter of minutes, leaving a frosty relationship between the duo because Kim had supposedly already been under the impression that the songstress didn’t like her.

Kim was heard telling a pal that she thought Beyonce was being a jealous hater, and the duo didn’t exchange any further words after that, according to the outlet’s sources.

News of Beyonce dissing Kim at Serena’s wedding comes just weeks after reports claimed that Kanye West wanted an apology from the mother of three and her husband, Jay Z, for how they have treated his wife in recent years.

Kanye reportedly feels as if the Hollywood power couple have shunned him and his partner from their lives ever since finding out that Kim was dating the rapper.

Kanye hasn’t shared a close relationship with Beyonce and Jay in years, and that’s all said to be over the supposed fact that the duo simply can’t stand the TV personality and aren’t willing to bend over backwards for someone they don’t respect.

While Kardashian is said to have made every effort to get close with Beyonce, the “Crazy In Love” hitmaker has proven time and time again that she has little to no interest in ever being considered a friend to Kim.