‘Nashville’ Spoilers Revealed As Preview For Final Season Is Here

Jamie McCarthy Getty Images

CMT recently announced that this next season of Nashville will be the last and the preview has just been released. Entertainment Weekly shared the new preview and what fans can expect from this final season. The show just hasn’t been the same since Connie Britton left, but it is still going on. Fans can’t wait to see how it comes to an end.

Will and Maddie will both have new love interests coming into the show. Deacon and Jessie looked at the end of the season like they could end up taking things to the next level soon and it appears that this is where they are going to go with that storyline. It will be hard for the fans to embrace Deacon with anyone but Rayna, but she is gone and he has to move on. It looks like they are going in for a kiss in this preview clip.

Juliette is going to be back in the studio recording, which makes fans happy. There will be a lot of tears, it looks like someone is doing drugs in the bathroom, and things are really going to be heating up on Nashville when it returns in 2018, according to this preview. Fans only have about a month to wait for the new season.

One thing that the fans are really happy about is the fact that Nashville knows the show is coming to an end. This gives them time to tie things up and actually give the fans some closure. So many times shows have no idea that the end is coming and they leave fans with a cliffhanger, but that shouldn’t be the way that Nashville ends. This show could end with several happy endings.


The fans are still shocked that this will be the final season of Nashville and have high hopes that somehow they can save it once again. For now, it looks like this will be the end. If you remember, ABC canceled Nashville and then the fans made it clear how much they wanted it to stick around and then CMT ended up saving the show and bringing it back.

Nashville will return on January 4, 2018, with new episodes and this will be the final season.