‘Project Runway’ 2017 Recap: Season 16 Reunion Show

Barbara NitkeA&E Networks

It was time for the Project Runway 2017 reunion special tonight on Lifetime. The designers on Project Runway Season 16 all returned to talk with Tim Gunn regarding the season. Of course, the twins returned and they were the focus of the night, so get the details in our Project Runway 2017 recap below.

Last time on Project Runway Season 16, it was the final runway show of the season, as the final four designers made their way to New York Fashion Week. They all showed their collections to the judges and the audience in attendance and then it was time for the judges to take a closer look at the collections and give their critiques. In the end, the judges seemed torn between giving the win to Kentaro or Ayana, but it was Kentaro pulling out the victory and winning Season 16.

The Final Five

Tim Gunn started the night with the final five designers, which he said he loved celebrating their diversity. Kentaro said he felt “humbly honored” after winning this season. Kenya joked that the four finalists all “sucked.” Ayana said the show allowed her to find a new direction for herself. Then they showed the models all crushing on Brandon during the season. They looked back at Margarita’s roller coaster journey throughout the season, as Tim Gunn was proud to use his save on her. Kenya talked about her elimination, as she said she was heartbroken and felt defeated.

Models Of All Shapes And Sizes

For Project Runway Season 16, the models were of all shapes and sizes. That was a big focus this season, as some of the models joined the reunion. They loved it and loved Tim Gunn for being a voice for them. Two of the models will be featured in a Marie Claire article.

The Twins Have Arrived

More designers hit the stage, as Michael, Amy, Batani, Shawn, and Claire joined Tim Gunn and the finalists. Claire was wearing a boot, as she broke her foot. Tim laughed about Michael and Margarita talking Spanish in the workroom. Shawn said she was blessed to go through this experience with the person she loved the most. Kenya said the twins did have an advantage on the show. Amy said it was not an advantage, but they were always a team and could not be individual stars.

The Brothers

Brandon and Kentaro formed a strong relationship on Project Runway 2017. They called each other brother and the other designers considered them a dream team. They had no real reason why they were drawn to each other, but Tim said they helped each other a lot this season.

Everyone Has Arrived

The remaining designers took the stage and fans learned that Deyonte has become a father since the show ended. They talked about Aaron and his crazy style and his bravery.


The Cheating Scandal

It was finally time to talk about Claire and that cheating scandal from the season. Claire said she felt overwhelmed by the situation, but could not articulate her thoughts in the moment. She now claims she did not use the measuring tape in the apartment. The designers were not buying it though, as Claire already confessed to it on the show. She will never admit it, so they are moving on from it.

Kenya And That Scarf

Kenya was always wearing a leopard scarf. She said she bought it for $5 and it has become a part of her. Apparently she enjoyed singing during the season, as viewers watched her journey and her singing.

Favorite Challenges And Looks

Tim asked the designers about their favorite challenges and it seemed like the Shopkins and avant-garde challenges were their favorites. He added that this season of designing was unique and diverse and he loved it. From there, they watched the best and worst looks of the season. Gunn said the best outweighs the worst this season.

Ayana And Her Modesty

During the season, Ayana won both unconventional challenges this season. She was all about modesty and not showing skin in her designs. They showed her journey and the other designers had nothing but praise to give to her.

The Confessionals

They showed the designers in the confessionals, which are never a good thing to watch. It caused some drama, as Kenya called out the twins for talking trash. Apparently the twins talked bad about Samantha for two episodes and she was nothing but nice to them, so she was hurt. Shawn did apologize.


A Clip Tim Was Nervous To Show

It was called Tim-isms, as they looked back at Tim and his sayings from this season. From seeing a menstrual cycle to having to clear customs, you can always count on him for a good scene. That is officially the end of Project Runway Season 16.