Matt Lauer Deletes Social Media Accounts In Wake Of NBC Firing And Sexual Harassment Allegations

Jason Kempin Getty Images

Matt Lauer has been all anyone can talk about over the last 36-hour period. His firing from NBC came as a shock to viewers, and some of his coworkers. Of course, there were a few who weren’t shocked by his actions. Watching the insanity unfold has been the talk of social media. Lauer was plastered over every media outlet and their headlines centered around his alleged misconduct. His name was searched over and over, and as the hours passed, more information about his alleged misdeeds became available.

Social media is the go-to medium for people these days. Matt Lauer was trending on Twitter, and his social media accounts were being linked to stories from all over the country. Immediately following his termination from NBC, the network removed his access to their social media accounts and pages. Lauer still had his own personal accounts to use though. That is until today. According to Us Weekly, Matt Lauer deleted all of his social media accounts. This included both Twitter and Instagram. A reason hasn’t officially been given, but the assumption being made has been that he was getting plenty of hateful comments from various avenues.

News of the allegations against Matt Lauer has caused a lot of upset people on social media. Celebrities have been reacting since the initial statement of Lauer’s termination was read on Today yesterday morning. After 20 years, there are a lot of stories to be told. This is going to be something that will take a while to sort out. Lauer has been home with his family in the Hamptons, being photographed outside earlier today. Shutting down his social media accounts won’t stop the comments from being made, but it will allow him to not have to look at it all in one place.


The next several days will bring more information forward about Matt Lauer. Right now, he apologized via a written statement, but has yet to comment on anything in a personal way. Hiding from the reality isn’t going to make things go away. Lauer disconnecting from social media by deleting his accounts will only give him short-term peace. There is a lot expected to happen in the upcoming days, including some of the accusers coming forward.

NBC fired Matt Lauer due to sexual harassment allegations and evidence backing them up, but now, the public investigations are just beginning.