The Duggar Family Is Heading Down Under To Australia

Brendan Hoffman Getty Images

It looks like the Duggar family from Counting On is headed to Australia, but they won’t be moving there. Duggar Family Blog shared an update on the Duggar family and what they are up to now. Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo spent their honeymoon there, but now it is time for some of the other Duggars to head there for a public event.

The fans in Australia are really excited to get the chance to meet the family. Jim Bob and Michelle are going and they are taking along 14 of their children. They haven’t revealed just yet which kids they are taking with them, although it’s likely they’ll take along the younger children and leave behind some of the older and married kids. The Duggars will be able to have a fun family trip, but it is also for an event to meet some of their fans.

The Duggars will be there for the 2018 IBLP Annual Family Conference, which runs from January 14-17 in nearby Lilydale, Victoria. They are actually going to speak at the event, which is exciting for those attending. On January 13, there is even a chance to meet them if you are in the area.

If the family is filming a new season of Counting On, then you can assume that the TLC cameras will be following them around while they are there. It would be great if they get to make a vacation out of this trip.

The Duggars are good friends with the Bates family. Not long ago, Gil and Kelly Bates took one of their daughters and went to visit Australia as well. The fans get to watch these shows there, but unlike U.S. fans, they don’t always get the chance to meet the stars of the show.

So far, a new season of Counting On hasn’t been confirmed by the Duggar family, but rumors are flying and it sounds like it is coming back once again.