Annette Roque Pictures: Matt Lauer’s Wife Goes Viral After Host’s Firing From ‘Today,’ Cheating Rumors Abound

Jemal CountessGetty Images

Annette Roque is getting some viral attention this week, but likely not the kind the longtime wife of Matt Lauer had been hoping for.

In the hours after he was abruptly fired from the Today show amid allegations of sexual impropriety, Matt Lauer was one of the most-searched terms on the internet, and his wife was not far behind. Pictures of Annette Roque spread across social media as people searched for information about the former model and longtime wife of the embattled television host.

Matt Lauer and Annette Roque were married in 1998, but found trouble several years later when Roque filed for divorce in 2006. She later withdrew the petition, but there were intermittent rumors in the following years that the couple was nearing divorce again.

There are now reports that Matt Lauer had been openly cheating on Annette Roque for years, with his infidelity something of an open secret. People magazine reported on his alleged cheating, noting that it took place away from the family’s home in the Hamptons.

“He regularly cheated on his wife,” a source told the magazine. “Everyone knew. His wife lives in the Hamptons and he lives in the city, but we never heard he made unwanted moves.”

There was even a report from Radar Online that Lauer may have been cheating right under his wife’s nose.


But People magazine’s source noted that Lauer’s infidelities were always mutual relationships, and that the reports he may have forced himself on women still came as a shock to many. Since his firing, at least two other women have reportedly come forward to inform NBC that Lauer had acted in a sexually inappropriate manner with them. Radar Online reported that the couple was essentially living separate lives.


It is not clear what Matt Lauer and Annette Roque will do next, but in the meantime the former model and wife of the longtime Today show host continues to see viral attention on social media. As many have shared pictures and stories about their often rocky marriage, a number of commenters are offering support to Roque and others are encouraging her to leave Lauer. In the day after Lauer’s abrupt firing, Roque has not offered any kind of public statement.