Jack Black Brings In The Rock And Kevin Hart To Send A Rebuttal To Chris Hemsworth Over Rock Battle Response

Robert MarquardtGetty Images

Jack Black is finally responding to Chris Hemsworth’s apparent confusion over what a “Battle of the Jams” is, and the challenge that was issued over the use of “Immigrant Song” in Thor: Ragnarok. In fact, it seems that Black is ready to officially bring the challenge back to Hemsworth, as he calls on his Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle cast mates to help him out.

During an interview with ComicBook, Jack Black, along with The Rock and Kevin Hart were talking about the upcoming Jumanji movie, when the topic of the “Battle of the Jams” was brought up. The discussion of a rock battle first began when Black called out Chris Hemsworth for the use of “Immigrant Song” in Thor: Ragnarok, saying that it was because of him and the movie School of Rock that they decided to use the song.

At the time, Jack Black took to Instagram to challenge the other actor to a rock battle over the song, and even posted a video with his costars from The House with a Clock in its Walls, which showed them rocking out to “Immigrant Song.” In response, Chris Hemsworth posted his own Instagram video, which acknowledged the use of the song, but also showcased the actor’s confusion over the idea of what Black meant by a “Battle of the Jams.”

Now it seems that Jack Black is ready to officially take on Chris Hemsworth in this rock battle, as he has also enlisted the help of The Rock and Kevin Hart. While talking about the original challenge, The Rock asked Black if he needed any help with his battle, and pointed out that Hart is “a DC guy,” before also saying that he is Black Adam.

This discussion led to Jack Black turning to the camera and once more calling on Chris Hemsworth to take up the challenge over “Immigrant Song.” While the Thor actor may have shared his confusion over what a “Battle of the Jams” is, it seems that Black is looking to clear things up for the other man in this rebuttal to Hemsworth’s response, saying “Hemsworth, you say you don’t know what a Battle of the Jams is. Let me help you out with that. It’s when you battle. And you jam.”

While The Rock seemed to think that Chris Hemsworth would be recruiting Iron Man to give him some help, it seems that the challenge has once more been issued by Jack Black for a rock battle to be had over the use of “Immigrant Song.” With Kevin Hart singing and The Rock ready to help take on Hemsworth, it seems that Jack Black may end up getting even more help with his current rock battle. For fans of both Chris Hemsworth and Black, it looks like there may end up being more to this challenge than the simple Instagram posts that have already been shared.