WWE Rumors: WWE Releases One Of Its Greatest Talents After More Than 30 Years With The Company


Every single year, there are superstars and others who are let go by WWE in what can only be called “business moves,” but this latest release is quite shocking. While there has been no official word from the company regarding this move as of yet, the rumors are quite strong that a person who has been an employee for more than three decades has been released. If the speculation is true, it’s hard to believe that Jim Johnston will no longer be working his magic.

Even if you’re a longtime fan of WWE and all of wrestling, you may not recognize the name as Jim Johnston is not someone who competed in the ring. He was never even a regular character on WWE television, but his work has been heard at every single live event since 1985 and he may no longer have a job.

Jim Johnston is a music composer who has was hired by WWF/WWE back in 1985 and he has created some of the greatest entrance themes of all time. He has produced such memorable themes as those for Vince McMahon, The Rock, The Undertaker, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and many others.

Sportskeeda noticed a tweet that simply stated Johnston had been released by WWE.

When asked about the conditions of Johnston’s release, Twitter user “ThemeTitan” directed everyone to a statement regarding the situation.

The statement details that CFO$ have been the main composers of WWE entrance themes for years now, but Johnston had a lot of input still to give. Some of those backstage in WWE are said to want to overhaul all of “WWE’s musical output” and replace any creations of Jim Johnston.

One of the first superstar entrance themes to be changed from Johnston’s creations will be that of Kane.

Again, WWE has not yet released any information or confirmation regarding the release of Jim Johnston. For now, this information should still be taken as a rumor until some kind of official word is given one way or the other.

As it currently stands, longtime music composer and entrance theme creator Jim Johnston is still employed by WWE, but that is as far as anyone knows. The rumors of his release are quite shocking as he still had a bit part in the company’s music department after 30 years as an employee. It will be interesting to see just what becomes of this situation over the coming days and weeks.