Update 1.8 For ‘The Division’ Launches Next Week With The Third Global Event To Follow


After testing on PC and consoles, update 1.8 is finally launching in Tom Clancy’s The Division. The patch entered the testing phase in September, introducing players to the new PvE Resistance mode, PvP Skirmishes, Rogue 2.0, and Gear Optimization. Next week, the 1.8 update and its content will finally release on the live servers.

In the latest state of the game, developers of The Division announced the patch’s release window for next week. The patch notes and a firm release date will be announced on Monday. The 1.8 update will likely go live by Tuesday, but it could release later in the week. According to the address on Twitch, the third Global Event will launch a week after 1.8 releases. The Strike Global Event includes classified versions of the Banshee, D3-FNC (Frontline), Nomad, and Predator’s sets. New commendations and vanity items are also part of the Strike event.

A number of issues are addressed in the video by developers of The Division. Currently, the Dark Zone is not equally split between PvE and PvP in terms of how players die. Since its release, 75 percent of player deaths in the Dark Zone are exclusively due to PvP. That is something developers want to change according to the official game website.

The Division 1.8 Update final release date
Featured image credit: Ubisoft

Alterations in 1.8 like the updated Rogue system are intended to make those changes. Instead of going Rogue for attacking another player, even accidentally, players will now have to toggle on their Rogue status manually. With the status on, players can do damage to other players. With Rogue 2.0, there is no friendly fire in The Division Dark Zone so players cannot force each other to go Rogue.

Update 1.8 also adds the new PvE horde mode called Resistance and the new PvP Skirmish matches. Resistance lets up to four players challenge themselves in wave-based combat. By collecting SHD-Tech during Resistance, players can unlock helpful stations or open up new areas of the map. The new Skirmish mode pits two teams of four players in a more classic competitive match. Skirmish in The Division focuses on close-quarters combat and quick matches.

As the Inquisitr reported, the latest patch for The Division will also update the Underground DLC. New directives and Hunter spawns are coming to the PvE mode. Not to mention, those Hunters can drop classified gear in that content. All Hunters and bosses in the game will have a chance to drop classified gear in the update.

Patch 1.8 adds a new area to the shooter alongside Resistance, Skirmish, and Gear Optimization. Next week, players of The Division will be able to use Division Tech to upgrade the gear score of their items at new Optimization Stations in the game.