Trump Gets A ‘What The Hell Are You Doing’ Tweet From Piers Morgan

Evan VucciAP Images

Trump’s retweet of three videos, one that was dubbed a “snuff film” in the headlines, has not only angered Piers Morgan but many in this nation and across the pond as well. The retweet videos were first posted by Britain First, which is a group of far-right extremists, according to Morgan. Trump was publicly reprimanded by Britain’s Theresa May for retweeting these videos.

As The Guardian reports, Donald Trump retweeted a trio of anti-Muslim videos that “prompted a rare condemnation of the US President by Theresa May.” Her statement calling Trump’s actions “wrong” was released via May’s spokesperson.

The deputy leader of a British far-right group posted the disturbing videos online and Trump took the liberty of retweeting them. This started Twitter banter between Trump and May. Trump hit back, criticizing May for getting involved in his tweeting preferences.

Piers Morgan, a British journalist, then piped in with a tweet of his own asking Trump to “stop this madness” that is being passed along via this group.


After May weighed in, Trump hit back with another tweet in what The Independent describes in their headline as “Trump attacks Theresa May.” Trump tweeted to May after her rather reprimanding statement on the videos, which could be seen below.


Piers Morgan then kicked in again on Twitter claiming Trump owed May an apology. This is seen in the tweet below.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke to reporters about Trump retweeting the videos that caused quite the storm, and she said it had to do with him wanting to show the need for border safety. Some concerns about the authenticity of the videos came up and Sanders referred to Mrs. May and the other world leaders as knowing these threats are real. She also said that these are threats that need to be talked about. The White House press secretary also stated that whether the video itself is real or not, “the threat is real, ” as reported in a previous Inquisitr article.

According to hosts of The Five, a live news-talk show that airs weeknights on Fox News, Theresa May said that the Twitter banter between the two has not done any harm to the Britain-U.S. relationship. Surprisingly, she is the most aligned with Trump when it comes to other world leaders and their thinking on world-related subjects, suggests The Five‘s hosts. It appears the Twitter banter between the two world leaders is over. Trump has moved on with his tweets, focusing on other things, including how great the stock market did today.