Kim Kardashian Accused Of Copying Beyonce’s Glitter Magazine Cover

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

It seems Kim Kardashian isn’t trying to end her alleged feud with Beyonce as she’s accused of copying the singer.

Kardashian recently shared several posts promoting her new line of highlighters and glosses as she poses in nothing but glitter.

Coincidentally, Beyonce posed covered in glitter for a magazine cover back in 2013, and Bey’s fans are not having it.

Kim posted the images to her social media earlier this week as commenters took to calling her out. One Instagram user informed the 37-year-old Kardashian that Beyonce doesn’t like her, so she should stop copying her art.

“Beyonce doesn’t even like u stop copying her art.”

Another commenter stated Beyonce did it first and “slayed it” as they implied Kim did not pull off the glitter shoot as well.

A third person said it’s funny how mad Kardashian gets on her reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, over people copying her style and decorations, yet here she is copying Bey.

Celebrity Insider reported on the drama as the site compared both Kim and Beyonce’s glitter photos. In fact, the article states the two women’s shoots are very similar as it doesn’t deny Kardashian may have found influence in the singer’s photos.

“Kim Kardashian’s latest nude glitter photo shoot is really similar to a shoot that Beyonce did back in 2013.”

Daily Mail went as far as to say Kim “borrowed” the look from Beyonce despite the women currently being at odds. While the site refers to Kardashian as a glitter goddess, it also reports her images are “nearly identical” to those featuring the singer.

The article goes on to say it’s interesting Kim would copy Beyonce as the pair are not friends and seem to have hostility between them. Perhaps this is Kardashian’s way of trying to make amends or add fuel to the fire.

Or, she may not have even thought about Beyonce’s glitter shoot as it’s been four years since it was released. Either way, social media users and headlines are busy calling out the mother of two for her apparent copying.

And this isn’t the only recent drama surrounding the women as Hollywood Life reports the two had an unfriendly encounter at Serena Williams’ wedding.

It’s being said Beyonce may have “dissed” Kim’s platinum blonde hair color at the wedding. Upon hearing this, Kardashian is said to have called the singer a “jealous hater.”

However, this has not been confirmed by wedding attendees as sources continue to supply information on the alleged feud.