'The Division' Maintenance Fixes Early Bugs As The Game Sets New Records For Ubisoft

Just days into the launch of the multiplayer shooter, Ubisoft is already proving that they intend to continue to improve Tom Clancy's The Division in order to give users a better gameplay experience. The developer has already deployed an initial round of quick bug fixes after taking all servers for The Division down for a two-hour maintenance period that took place during the late hours of Thursday night and early Wednesday morning.

In addition to making minor tweaks to help improve overall server stability, Ubisoft confirmed on their official forums that the maintenance also provided a solution to a certain issue that most players were facing in the title's opening moment. One of the first things that players had to do in The Division was to activate their agent at a computer located inside of a safe house in Brooklyn.

The Division christmas
The Division transforms New York into a plague-infested quarantine [Image via Ubisoft]However, many users were unable to complete this step due to a bug. The prompt to interact with the keyboard was present, but the game would remain unresponsive to the action. An early workaround for the problem forced players to re-enter the game after logging out in order to be able to progress.

Fortunately, Ubisoft addressed the widespread issue during The Division's first server maintenance. The fix simply removed the need for players to interact with the troublesome laptop. For now, the problematic activation step is now no longer needed to continue the game's early tutorial stage.

The Division skills
Skills include healing guns, shields, and deployable turrets [Image via Ubisoft]Fans can also expect to enjoy plenty of additional support from Ubisoft in The Division's future. The developer will likely continue to improve the game that they have already confirmed to be a huge success for the company. The official Ubisoft blog revealed that Tom Clancy's The Division broke day-one sales records for all previous Ubisoft titles.
"The Division is breaking records. Ubisoft announced today that its third-person action-RPG has sold more copies in its first 24 hours than any game in Ubisoft's history. Total digital full game sales of The Division also set new, single-day company records across PC, Xbox One, PS4."
According to Ubisoft, The Division is now one of the four most successful game launches for an new intellectual property across the entire industry. The developer claims that they also own two of the other top four brand start-ups. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot celebrated the early success that The Division has enjoyed thus far by releasing a statement about the publisher's growing impact in gaming.
"The launch of The Division is a tremendous achievement for Ubisoft, and demonstrates our unrivaled capacity to create fantastic new game brands and transform them into entertainment blockbusters. This is a momentous day for Ubisoft, but more importantly it marks the start of millions of players' enduring engagement in The Division's game world, which we are confident they will love."

Tom Clancy's The Division includes a variety of multiplayer activities for fans to enjoy that range from traditional cooperative missions to taking part in ongoing competitive battles inside of a large player-versus-player zone in the center of the map. The title has a lot of similarities to modern day MMO games such as combat roles and a leveling mechanic. Earlier today, the Inquisitr reported on a leveling guide that is gaining popularity in helping users reach the game's level cap. Almost everything in The Division before level 30 is just a trial taste of what the game is like at max level. While the gameplay remains the same, lots of new content opens up for players to enjoy after capping out their character level.

If you are one of the many fans that helped The Division break previous Ubisoft launch records, what are your thoughts on the game so far?

[Image via Tom Clancy's The Division]