‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Part 2 Spoilers [Video]

The Walking Dead fans (and Norman Reedus) can breathe a huge sigh of relief if Season 3 Part 2 spoiler alerts are accurate. The cast list released during the final days of 2012 included Reedus’ name, so apparently Daryl survives being cast into The Governor’s one-ring circus alongside his brother Merle Dixon.

The IMDb list was specific to The Walking Dead Season 3 episodes 9 and 10, so Daryl Dixon still might not survive the entire season. The fan revolt promised if the redneck hottie meets an untimely demise may play a role in the decision to keep the unexpectedly charismatic character alive. Unlike Rick and most of the gang at the prison, Daryl Dixon was not a character in the graphic novel series, which prompted the insanely popular AMC series.

Episode 9 of The Walking Dead Season 3 is entitled “The Suicide King,” according to The Examiner. During the first episode after the mid-season break, Tyrese and his group will reportedly be featured prominently. Chad Coleman plays Tyrese. Episode 10 will reportedly be entitled “Home” and allegedly center more around the original cast. Dallas Roberts’ character Milton Mamet is also expected to play a significant role in the first two February episodes.

Rick will allegedly enter into a peaceful existence with Merle Dixon for the sake of Daryl, according to Spoil the Dead posts. The treaty with Merle offer Rick and chance to find out more about The Governor’s operations at Woodbury as well. Rubbing elbows with the elder Dixon allegedly will not sit well with Maggie, Glenn, and Michonne.

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