Jennifer Lopez Talks About Playing Selena Quintanilla And Where The Singer Would Be Now

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

While helping to kick off a new podcast for Spotify, Jennifer Lopez discussed a number of topics, such as her relationships, her career, and even her thoughts on the late Selena Quintanilla. While Lopez had no problem talking about her current relationship with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, as well as her past relationship with Marc Anthony, a good portion of the discussion seemed to revolve around the movie Selena, as well as the woman who inspired the film.

It was during the chat with the podcast, that the singer and actress was asked what her favorite movie performance of her career has been, with Jennifer Lopez choosing her role in Selena as one of her top choices. This choice ultimately led to a discussion in which the singer went into detail about her thoughts about where Selena Quintanilla would be today if she was still alive, as well as what it was like to take on that role in the movie about her life.

According to E! News, while talking about Selena, Jennifer Lopez said that the movie “will never lose its impact,” and the late singer was “such a bright light, and she was such an amazing artist and such a talent.” Lopez said that she believes that Selena Quintanilla was one of those talented individuals who was born to be a star and who possessed “the light inside her” that made her incredible.

Jennifer Lopez also said that she finds it sad to think about the possibilities of where Selena would be now if she were still alive. As Lopez pointed out, “she would be around my age now, so it’s sad. Tragic.”

Besides her thoughts on playing Quintanilla in the movie, as well as wondering who she would be today, Jennifer Lopez also discussed the idea to bring the late singer’s family and band on stage as a tribute 20 years later. As the singer revealed, it was actually her idea to do the tribute, and she went to the family to ask them their thoughts on being a part of the show. Lopez said that she found it all to be very beautiful and special, while also pointing out that “it was a privilege because in the movie I don’t get to sing the songs, so to be able to finally sing them was special for me.”

While it may have been 20 years since Jennifer Lopez portrayed Selena Quintanilla in the movie Selena, it is clear that it has made a lasting impact on the singer. Whether she is acting or singing, Lopez continues to showcase the many talents that made her role in Selena such a success.