‘General Hospital’ November 30 Episode: Who Is Jason Morgan?

Alberto E. Rodriguez Getty Images

General Hospital has been teasing for weeks that on November 30 the fans would get the big announcement about who Jason Morgan is and fans have been waiting for it. Soap Hub shared that November 30 has promised fans a ton of clues. Spinelli is back in town once again, which means that he will probably be helping get that answer.

Ever since Steve Burton announced he would be returning to General Hospital, the fans have wanted to know if Billy Miller or Steve Burton’s character would be the real Jason Morgan. They were both tested and their DNA is the same meaning they are identical twins, Andrew and Jason. Now, it is just time to find out which is which.

When Spinelli got to town, he was upset to hear that Steve Burton’s version of Jason Morgan didn’t contact him on his own. Spinelli was sure that he was upset with him, but that wasn’t the case at all. He broke down in tears telling him how much he had missed him and it was certain that Spinelli was convinced that Steve Burton is the real Jason Morgan.

Carly went to Billy Miller’s character and talked to him about how Kim obviously knew Andrew at some point and when she saw Steve Burton was excited to see someone from her past. He admitted that when he saw her, he thought that he knew her, but he also got extremely upset when Carly brought up the idea once again that he might not be Jason Morgan. Jordan also let him know that they had found Andre, and everyone knows he might have the answers. Also, Dr. Obrecht was seen talking on the phone to Faison and letting him know that people were looking for him.

This episode was pretty slow and focused a lot on various things going on with both Jasons. Knowing that this was the end of November sweeps, fans were sure that the big reveal would come out at the end of the episode. Finally, at the end, they brought in Andre, who does have all the answers. Then the episode ended without telling fans anything.

Things on General Hospital are really heating up and the fans are just going to have to continue to watch how this storyline unfolds.