Psychiatrist Lance Dodes Warns Trump Showing Signs Of Psychosis, He Is ‘Extremely Disordered, Sick Individual’

Evan VucciAP Photo

Following reports that President Donald Trump recently expressed doubt that it was his voice on the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape and that he has revived claims that the birth certificate of former President Barack Obama is fake, Dr. Lance Dodes, a psychiatrist, warned on Wednesday that Trump is exhibiting signs of psychosis.

Dodes described Trump as an “extremely incapable, disordered [and] sick individual.”

The psychiatrist commented on Trump’s mental health while speaking with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC. The two were discussing media reports about Trump’s recent bizarre claims, social media posts, and comments, according to Raw Story.

The New York Times reported on November 28 that some close aides revealed that Trump has recently started expressing doubt about the authenticity of the “Access Hollywood” tape and revived his discredited claim that former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fake.

Soon after the New York Times report, Trump attacked the British Prime Minister Theresa May on Twitter after she criticized him for retweeting an inflammatory anti-Muslim video by a far-right group, Britain First. Trump also suggested on Twitter that Morning Joe host, Jose Scarborough, might have been involved in the death of an intern in 2001 when he was a Republican Congressperson in Florida, according to Newsweek.

Earlier in the week, Trump caused an uproar when he chose to use a solemn event in honor of Native American veterans to attack Senator Elizabeth Warren by calling her “Pocahontas,” CNN reported.

Some media reports have remarked about a recent surge in instances of bizarre behavior by Trump. For instance, the New York Times reporter, Maggie Haberman, commented that Trump’s bizarre actions in recent times have “markedly accelerated” and have become “unmoored.”

Commenting on the recent reports of bizarre behavior by Trump, Dodes said evidence shows that Trump tends to move “close to psychosis when he is stressed.”

“When he goes back and denies reality, people have trouble understanding that. The simple explanation for it which people don’t want to hear, he is not in control of himself. This is what we say when somebody is becoming psychotic or briefly psychotic. So all of his delusional ideas come up when he is stressed in some way and then he loses track of reality because it doesn’t fit what he needs to believe.”


According to Dodes, most laymen make the mistaken assumption that the difference between a mentally healthy individual and a person suffering from psychosis is always obvious. He explained that in many cases, people who are psychotic appear normal in many situations but betray their psychosis in certain situations, such as when they are stressed.

Dodes insisted that Trump shows clear signs of deteriorating mental state and that his condition is “extremely dangerous,” especially as someone “who has been so wantonly unconcerned about the welfare of others and willing to do anything to promote himself.”

He warned that Trump could become dangerous if he confronts a situation that makes him feel an urgent need to protect himself.

“He is an enormous present danger to us from the standpoint of creating a nuclear war,” Dodes warned. “He has to protect himself from what he sees as an existential threat by denying the reality. Once you understand that, everything else follows, and it’s extremely dangerous.”