Audrey Roloff Claps Back At Haters Who Tried To Mommy-Shame Her For Dressing Ember


Audrey Roloff has some words for haters who want to mommy-shame her for how she dresses her baby daughter, Ember Jean. And those words are: “Mind your own business,” according to InTouchWeekly.

If you’re a parent, you already know that every Tom, Dick, and Harry has something to say about how you raise your kids. Sometimes it comes from a place of love, sometimes it comes from a place of condescension. And in the age of social media, you’re exposing yourself to the “advice” of your friends and loved ones — or even strangers — every time you post a photo or update about what your kids are up to. And if you’re a minor celebrity like Audrey Roloff, and your social media followers number in the thousands, you’re magnifying the problem.

And so it was that Audrey found herself in another parenting controversy. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this week the Little People, Big World star posted an innocent photo of herself and her daughter sharing an intimate moment, and posted it on Instagram. So far, so good, right? Except that there was one minor detail about the way that Ember was dressed that got some fans in a tizzy. See if you can spot the problem.

In case you missed it, it appears to have been a cold day that day, and Ember isn’t wearing a hat.

That’s it.

The post generated a ton of hateful comments — or, at the very least, comments intended as helpful, but that came off as hateful. Here’s one of the milder ones.

“jreincke I live about 5 miles away from them and I am freezing. Its been raining non stop and cold. About 40’s. She is dressed in warm clothing and baby is not. Just saying….”

Now, there’s a lot that can be said about this picture and the lack of appropriate clothing on her head. Maybe it wasn’t particularly cold that day. Maybe Ember was only outside for a brief period of time. Maybe what we think we know about the need for babies to have their heads covered isn’t true.

But the most important thing to be said about this photo comes from none other than Audrey herself. In a follow-up post, she made it clear what she thinks of all of the “helpful” advice.

“To whom it may concern: I really don’t need you to tell me how to dress my child thank you.”

Well-said, Audrey!

Still, it appears that Audrey’s remarks aren’t the final word on the issue. One fan remarked that if she (Audrey) is going to post photos of her child publicly, she should expect criticism when it’s due. Others, however, praised Audrey for taking a stand and putting haters in their place.

Needless to say, this won’t be the first time Audrey will have to fend off haters when she posts pictures of Ember or any future children she and husband Jeremy may have. As the babies grow, their needs change — and everyone has something to say about how you meet those needs.