‘Today’ Staffer On Megyn Kelly: ‘She’s Now Lost The Support Of Everyone’

Bryan BedderGetty Images for Bob Woodruff Foundation

Megyn Kelly has been the subject of harsh ridicule since she began working at NBC and appearing on her own hour of Today. A staff member of the morning news program is blasting the newest anchor of the network, telling Daily Mail that she’s essentially disliked by the majority of staff members with Today.

The interview with the unnamed source was conducted after Megyn Kelly told viewers that Matt Lauer’s firing was a “sign of progress” and that she’d “heard rumors” of the embattled anchor’s inappropriate conduct. Her remarks were seen as insensitive to others on Today given their long history with Lauer. The source tells DM that the former Fox News star’s comments was the most “opportunistic” thing they’d ever seen.

“No one wanted Megyn here, she was forced upon us and today reinforced why she will never be a member of the Today family.”

The staffer explained that Megyn’s remarks were viewed by others as a way to “mark her territory within NBC News” and has “lost the support of everyone” as a result. Her colleagues allegedly feel that Megyn is new at the network and began throwing her weight around when she first got there. In the source’s words, the network now has the highest paid anchor at NBC News, but is hosting one of the lowest-rated shows. Her colleagues are angered that she’s not more humbled — her take on Lauer’s story was apparently seen as trying to take over the spotlight, making it about her knowledge of the situation while everyone else is trying to cope with the devastating news. Furthermore, the source criticizes Kelly for elaborating on something she “truly has no knowledge of.” While everyone was crying and emotionally torn on Wednesday, the Today insider claims Megyn didn’t spend much time with the staff and was making sure she was the “center of attention.”

The Today staffer tore into Megyn Kelly’s journalistic skills at NBC by saying that everyone there feels she’s “terrible” at morning television.

“And here’s something we’d like to say about her – she’s terrible on morning television, her show is terrible, her staff thinks she is terrible, in fact her show should be call Terrible with Megyn Kelly.”

“They were right over at Fox News, she deserves the nickname ‘Me-Again’ – as it is all about her even though she fails to see that the viewers don’t like her.”

If any of the rumors are true, Megyn may have twisted the knife a little more on her colleagues Thursday by inviting Matt Lauer and his accusers on her segment of Today. However, she admitted to the awkwardness of interviewing them, as Entertainment Weekly recaps. Kelly had a conversation with NBC Correspondent Stephanie Gosk over the difficulty on reporting about a case involving someone she interacted with so often. Megyn Kelly admitted in her announcement that it wasn’t an easy task to take on, but NBC is committed to reporting the truth.

“You don’t want to be getting that explicit about a colleague that you worked with 24 hours ago. But that’s how we’re going to report it here for you at NBC because that’s our commitment to you – to bring you the truth and to do a full and fair investigation of this story as it comes to us.”

Matt Lauer released a statement Thursday admitting that some what’s been reported about him the last 24 hours is “untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed.” The former Today anchor said he regrets his actions and is now taking time to work on himself after being fired over misconduct and sexual assault allegations.