Kim Zolciak Called Trash, And She Claims She’s The Victim Of Racism

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Kim Zolciak has returned to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and it sounds like Zolciak may not have been ready for the drama. During the very first episode, she got into a fight with Kenya Moore. Just a year prior, the two had argued at a party, where Kim told Kenya she was jealous of everything she had, including a husband and children. It sounds like Kenya Moore has been following Zolciak on social media, as she was quick to slam Kim for supposedly pimping out her daughter for concert tickets. But the feud has continued on social media, and Kim is now using some odd excuses for her behavior.

According to a new tweet, Kim Zolciak learned that Kenya Moore had called her trash. On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya said that you can put trailer park trash in designer clothes and wig, but it’s still trash. It’s clear that she’s referring to Kim, who is famous for wearing wigs and enjoying designer clothing. As it turns out, Zolciak didn’t like being called trash, so she decided to play the victim on social media. She accused Kenya of being racist. While it wasn’t nice of Kenya to call Kim trash, her comments are not necessarily racist.

“Sounds pretty racist to me, but then again it’s coming from the same person that made offensive comments to the trans (LGBT) community,” Kim replied to a fan, who had quoted Kenya’s statement, to which one fan wrote to Kim, “Being called trailer trash is NOT racism. Stop misusing the word. Trailer trash is a lifestyle not a race and leans more towards intelligence which again is NOT racism!!”

It’s interesting that Kim is calling Kenya’s comments for racist, even though there’s nothing racial in the comment. As the fan points out, trailer trash has nothing to do with someone’s skin color, but more about a lifestyle and the decisions that come with that. Another follower revealed that Kenya’s statement could have been a dig at the elite lifestyle, as she may have hinted that she was better than Zolciak. But it is interesting that Kim’s own fans are calling her out for misusing the word “racism.”

In the Real Housewives franchise, the word “bullying” was thrown around a few years ago. The ladies were criticized for misusing the word, as they weren’t all bullied. The ladies just didn’t like whenever someone said something about them that wasn’t flattering. So when Kim is misusing the word “racism” in a world where racism is alive and well, fans aren’t happy with her. While she may not be happy with the things Kenya is saying about her, misusing a word won’t win her any points with viewers.

Kim Zolciak will be back for another episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday. You can also catch her on Don’t Be Tardy on Fridays. Both shows are on Bravo.