Roy Moore Now Blames Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Liberals, And Socialists For Sexual Misconduct Claims

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Amid allegations of sexual misconduct, Republican Roy Moore is shifting the blame toward the LGBTQ community. The Senate candidate blasted gays, liberals, transgender people and bisexuals during a speech in Alabama this week, accusing them of colluding against him to ruin his election campaign.

Moore Takes On Democrats And The LGBTQ Community

Buzz Feed is reporting that Moore condemned the LGBTQ community while speaking at a Baptist church in Alabama. The former Supreme Court judge believes that the LGBTQ community, along with liberals and socialists, is making up the sexual harassment charges to try and keep him out of Washington and the Senate. In his speech, Moore explained how Democrats concocted the misconduct allegations and are trying to promote their liberal agenda.

Why Does Moore Blame The LGBTQ Community?

It is not clear why Moore felt the need to attack lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people, but he has a history of ruling against the LGBTQ community. Back in 1996, when Moore served as a circuit court judge, he stepped down from his post because a controversial ruling involving a lesbian couple. Moore prohibited a woman from visiting her children after a divorce because she had an affair with another woman. He has also been a vocal opponent of the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling in 2012.

Donald Trump has supported Roy Moore despite the sexual abuse claims
Donald Trump has continued to support Roy Moore despite the claims.Featured image credit: Manual Balce CenetaAP Images

Inside Moore’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

According to ABC News, Moore has been accused of inappropriate behavior towards minors, including a 14-year-old girl. The encounter allegedly happened in the 1970s, when Moore was 32 years old. Moore vehemently denies the allegations and has no plans of withdrawing his name from the Senate race.

In his latest speech, Moore said that he doesn’t even know the women who are accusing him of sexual harassment. He also believes the allegations are dirty politics and said he has never committed any kind of sexual misconduct in the past.

Beverly Young Nelson was Roy Moore's fifth accuser
Beverly Young Nelson was the fifth woman to accuse Judge Roy Moore of sexual misconduct. Featured image credit: Richard DrewAP Images

Moore is running a close campaign against Democrat Doug Jones. The men are trying to fill Senator Sessions’ old seat after he was named the new U.S. Attorney General. Currently, the seat is held by Luther Strange, who was appointed by the Governor of Alabama to replace Sessions until the election. The election will take place on December 12 and it looks like Moore’s name will be on the ballot despite the harassment scandal.