Leah Messer Removing Jenelle Evans From Her Life After ‘Teen Mom 2’ Legal Action?


Leah Messer revealed recently that she wasn’t sure if she had received a cease-and-desist letter from her Teen Mom 2 co-star. Jenelle Evans had sent out this legal warning to Chelsea DeBoer, Chelsea’s father, Randy Houska, Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle’s own mother, Barbara Evans. But Leah had been out and hadn’t checked to see if she had received anything. She never clarified on Twitter whether she had received the letter, but she did make a vague statement in the form of a quote later on. If this quote has anything to do with the legal letter, then Messer is revealing that Jenelle isn’t a good influence in her life.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that she wants to remove things and people that are not beneficial for her. She pointed this out in a quote this week, where she revealed that she doesn’t want to put anyone before her. While Leah hasn’t really said anything about Jenelle Evans on social media or the show, it is possible that Evans served her with a cease-and-desist because she doesn’t want anyone to talk about her. Messer might have kept quiet about a possible legal warning to avoid any further problems with her Teen Mom 2 co-star.

“When the love for yourself outweighs the need for others to love you, you will start to appreciate the removal of things not beneficial to you,” read part of the quote that Leah Messer shared on social media, sharing that she loves the sound of her own feet walking away from things or people that are not meant for her.

Teen Mom 2 fans shouldn’t take this quote as her walking away from the show because of Evans. However, they could take this as a warning that they won’t see her talk about Jenelle Evans anymore. It’s not like Leah did anything to Jenelle, but Leah recently revealed that Jenelle had harassed her via text messages two weeks after she returned from the reunion special. During this special, Jenelle Evans had walked out because David Eason didn’t want to film the show with Dr. Drew. Even if Leah’s quote isn’t about Evans, it sounds like Jenelle’s co-stars are growing tired of her antics.

Leah Messer may return for another season of Teen Mom 2, no matter what Evans decides to do.