Matt Lauer Accused Of Rape: Did NBC Ignore These 15 Shocking Warning Signs About Popular ‘Today’ TV Host?

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Fired Today Show host Matt Lauer faces new allegations, including rape, amid claims that NBC ignored more than 15 shocking signs that Matt was crossing the line when it came to his treatment of women. The popular TV personality is accused of behaving in disturbing ways to both his colleagues and to women whom he encountered in his career. Some of Lauer’s actions were even captured on video.

Today Show Host Matt Lauer Accused Of Sexist Actions For Years

Matt took the spotlight in ways that NBC News never imagined when the company fired him on November 29. The news rapidly spread that the Today host had been fired in the wake of a complaint about sexist actions, reported Media Matters.

It took a “detailed complaint” regarding “inappropriate sexual behavior” to prompt the firing. The complaint alleged that Lauer’s “inappropriate” behavior occurred during and after the 2014 Sochi Olympics. But the publication alleged that NBC seemed to wear blinders for years when it came to Matt’s actions toward and attitude about women, keeping him for the sake of ratings.

“Lauer has a well-documented history of disturbing and sexist behavior that should have served as a warning sign to management long before this recent investigation.”

Some of Matt’s most famous interviews and colleagues were among those subjected to his allegedly sexist actions.

Matt Lauer’s Co-Hosts Speak Out, From Ann Curry To Katie Couric

Media Matters documented more than 15 warning signs that Lauer’s network reportedly ignored, beginning in 2006. Reportedly taking advantage of a commercial break that was captured on video footage, Matt turned his attention to Meredith Vieira. He told her to “keep bending over like that,” calling her body in that position a “nice view.”

In 2008, Lauer participated in a roast during which he made jokes about sleeping with his former co-hosts Katie Couric and Ann Curry.

“What’s with all the small-di** jokes? It was fun to look over and see Ann Curry laughing … like she doesn’t know how big my di** really is.”

Curry has blamed the “boys’ club atmosphere” in which Matt reportedly participated as playing a role in her 2013 exit. Couric also discussed Matt, informing one interviewer that Lauer’s most “annoying” personality quirk was pinching her “on the a*s a lot.”

Matt Lauer has a documented history at NBC's "Today Show" of behavior that some viewed as sexist.
Matt Lauer has a documented history at NBC's "Today Show" of behavior that some viewed as sexist. Featured image credit: Jason KempinGetty Images for The Rolling Stones

In a 2014 sketch, Matt acted as if he had flashed his colleagues. Lauer urged the women working with him to “drink it in, ladies.”

Matt Lauer’s Celebrity Interviews: From Kelly Clarkson To Anne Hathaway, Disturbing Comments

Lauer also was accused of behaving “incredibly skeezy” in a 2014 interview with skier Mikaela Shiffrin, who was 18-years-old at the time. Anne Hathaway’s 2012 interview with Matt also is resurfacing, with Lauer commenting on her wardrobe malfunction by saying that he had “seen a lot of you lately.” Kelly Clarkson also experienced Matt’s scrutiny.

Talking with Kelly, Lauer informed her that she had a “hot new look.” Clarkson seemed surprised.

“When Clarkson [asked], ‘I have a hot new look?’ Lauer replied, ‘Well, I’m back from vacation and you got my attention, I’ll tell you that.'”

Being related to royalty didn’t seem to count. When Matt interviewed Pippa Middleton, Lauer paid attention to the “very flattering” frock that she chose for her royal sister’s wedding. He called the fit of the dress the “best of British pomp and circumstance.”

Matt made other comments that, in retrospect, some are regarding are signs of a sexist attitude. In 2015, Lauer questioned Adele about her concerns regarding having to “get back on that career treadmill and have less time to dedicate” to her young son. In 2016, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen was described by Matt as one of Brazil’s “most recognizable exports.”

Matt Lauer Faces Rape Allegations: What Did NBC Know And When?

Lauer now is facing charges of rape, according to the Hollywood Gossip.

“The former Today Show anchor once [allegedly] sexually assaulted an NBC staffer in his office.”

The rape allegations come in the wake of another woman’s discussion with NBC management about how Matt reportedly behaved in an offensive manner. The claims of rape are from an anonymous woman.

NBC’s statement about firing Lauer referred to his “inappropriate sexual behavior.” But the statement from NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack stated that there were reasons to believe that more than one “isolated incident” occurred.

“The most shocking, disturbing and damaging aspect of this report cites an alleged incident that took place in 2001,” according to the publication.

That analysis raises the question of what did NBC know, and when did the company become aware of the sexual assault allegations. The victim described the alleged rape incident in detail, including Lauer’s alleged use of the now infamous button to lock his door, his alleged request to unbutton her blouse, and reported fainting during the alleged rape. The victim recalled waking up on the floor and hearing Matt ask an assistant to take her to the nurse.

She clarified that she did not report it because she was worried that she would be fired. She left NBC approximately one year later. Both a friend and her ex-husband confirmed that she had told them about the alleged assault.