Matt Lauer Gets 10 Million Google Searches

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Matt Lauer has received more than 10 million searches from Google users wondering a plethora of things in the wake of Lauer being fired from Today, amid reports of sexual assaults. As reported by the Inquisitr, one of Matt’s alleged victims said she was a married woman who fainted during sex in Lauer’s officer. During the reading of a new full statement from Matt on Thursday’s Today show, Savannah Guthrie choked back tears as she read Lauer’s words about shaming people he cherished dearly, even as Matt disputed some of the allegations coming out about him.

According to Google Trends, among the whopping 10 million or more searches about Lauer that came into the search engine on Wednesday, November 29, the top searches included research about Annette Roque, Lauer’s wife. According to People, “everyone knew” about Matt’s alleged adultery against his wife, but folks are shocked about the sexual assault allegations. The New York Daily News cites previous divorce filing allegations wherein Roque accused Matt of “cruel and inhumane” acts.

Besides popular searches for Lauer’s wife, people are asking Google about exactly why Matt was fired. There are plenty of searches about Ann Curry in the wake of Lauer being fired, with people urging NBC to bring Curry back to Today, as seen in the below Page Six tweet.


People are also searching for information about Natalie Morales, who was once accused of having an affair with Matt – an allegation that both Lauer and Natalie denied, according to People. Another popular search term includes those wondering about Lauer’s net worth. Time reports that Matt was paid at least $100 million over the years prior to Matt being fired by NBC.

Katie Couric is also another popular search term along with Lauer’s wife and his former coworker, Savannah Guthrie. Lauer’s former boss, Andy Lack, is also one name being typed into Google quite a bit, along with those simply wondering, “What did Matt Lauer do?”

Besides Lauer’s salary, questions about Matt’s accusers are being asked of Google, along with news about Megyn Kelly, with folks wondering if Megyn will replace Lauer. Those who don’t know how to spell Matt’s name are typing “Matt Lower” into Google.

Others are asking the search engine about Lauer’s family. Matt’s previous interview with Anne Hathaway is being researched by Google users, along with the name Willie Geist, a man that Google users are writing would be a good replacement for Lauer. Yet and still others are wondering about Matt’s religion, along with Lauer’s apology.

Matt Lauer gets 10 million searches.
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