Brian May had hair demands for LEGO: Rock Band

Queen guitarist Brian May had only one demand when signing up for LEGO Rock Band (aside from receiving a stack of money): that developer Traveller’s Tales get his famous perm right.

As you can see above, they got it right. Very right, actually. In fact, I doubt hair has ever been more right. No doubt about it: May’s LEGO Rock Band hair is rad. Turns out the man himself is rather pleased with it as well:

“I think my LEGO character is wonderful. I want one. We had discussions about the hair, there were a few emails. They had to negotiate to use my likeness, but it’s a nice thing.”

Not only that, but May scored a point over fellow venerable rock legend and Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott, who is totally jealous:

“Joe Elliott rang me up and said he was pissed off because they didn’t make one of him.”

Bless ’em. Also, isn’t it nice to hear a rock star not bitching about their likeness in a music videogame?

[Yahoo, via Eurogamer]