Matt Lauer Releases Apology Statement And Social Media ‘Rips It To Shreds’

Richard DrewAP Images

Matt Lauer released a statement addressing the accusations and events that have ended his Today Show career. As one social media user suggested, Lauer’s statement is a “cookie-cutter example” of the other statements released by the herd of high-profile men who are addressing the same type of accusations today.

It was less than 48 hours ago when the public announcement of Matt Lauer’s firing came from his visibly disturbed co-workers but Lauer’s immediate future plans have already been put in place, according to People Magazine. Many Twitter users are wondering if that ship has already sailed.

While Lauer might want to focus on his family, which he said is now his “full-time job,” how does his family feel about this focus. Is it too little, too late? Nancy from Texas tweeted her thoughts on Lauer’s family.

“Wonder how many can understand how a family feels when they discover their husband, father, son, brother is a predatory person like Matt Lauer. It’s shame; pain; embarrassment; disgust; total destruction of a family. When they say the wife is the last to know….I understand.”

Many were very observant on Twitter that Lauer’s apology is just one of many “written because he was caught.” If a speechwriter was to hone in on the sorrows and remorse of having committed unwanted sexual behaviors toward women, they might make a bundle in today’s world in Hollywood alone. Then if they cornered the Washington market, they could probably retire once paid.

Matt Lauer getting frosting smeared on his nose by co-host
Matt Lauer laughs as his new co-host Meredith Vieira surprises him by smearing frosting from a cake on his nose during her first day on NBC's "Today" show.Featured image credit: Jason DecrowAP Images

According to, social media users are just not buying Matt Lauer’s apology. They report that Twitter users are “far from impressed” over Lauer’s apology and what they read in between the lines is that he is sorry he got caught and that he’s “not sorry for his behaviors.”

When the news first broke yesterday, many took to Twitter to remind Lauer of the careers that were broken with his alleged bullying in the past. One of the several former female co-workers of Lauer’s who were mentioned was Ann Currie. Her name appeared numerous times in both the social media comments and in news headlines.

Many Twitter users are still empathizing with the women who have left their TV News jobs due to bullying or inappropriate sexual behavior from men.

Today many folks have hopped on Twitter and under the heading “Matt Lauer Apology Statement” you will find they are pulling apart Lauer’s statement of apology. ” It appears the only thing he is truly sorry about is getting caught,” writes Resistance Now on Twitter.

Twitter user, Missing in Sight, analyzed Lauer’s statement for the amount of “I”s that appeared in his sentences. She writes: “Matt Lauer’s statement is half-hearted at best. Notice all the ‘I’s. Only half a sentence is given to the victims. He has twisted this into a fashion for feeling sorry for him and gives LITTLE attention to the victims.”

The apology statement is so generic, suggests Kali, a Twitter user who writes, “I’m tired of sexual predators releasing pointless apology statements after being outed. I replaced Matt Lauer’s statement with ‘I’m sorry I got caught’ and basically read the same thing.”

One Twitter took notice of Lauer’s apology statement being pulled apart online. Janice shares, “u guys are making me crazy. First u say there has been no word from Matt Lauer but when he puts out an apology statement u immediately rip it to shreds.”

Many on Twitter saw this as a cookie-cutter apology pulled from an ocean of predators with notable names. Jaye writes, “Ok, give me a break. This reeks of orchestration….Matt Lauer’s statement sounds just like everyone else’ pre-rehearsed ‘apology’, So what’s really going on???”

You can read Matt Lauer’s full apology statement here.