‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 119 Official Spoilers Confirmed Universe 6’s Annihilation

karolzz2Flickr/Public Domain

Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 official spoilers are in, and they are shocking, at the same time, saddening. Why? Well, it just confirmed Universe 6’s annihilation in the Tournament of Power. Moreover, Universe 4’s secret warriors will finally be revealed. So, without further ado, here are the latest spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 119.

Thanks to @Herms98 for once again, gracing our minds with massive anticipation in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 entitled “A New Victim from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!” airing December 10, 2017.

As mentioned above, Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 confirms the erasure of Universe 6. Both Universe 6 and Universe 2 has been on top with fan predictions as the next Universe to be annihilated in the Tournament of Power.

Universe 6 elimination will surely hit Dragon Ball Super fans emotions since Champa, Vados, and the rest of the warriors have been gracing us with humor and epic battles. Aside from Universe 6 annihilation, Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 also revealed another shocking information, Universe 4’s secret warriors!

Universe 4’s invisible warriors have been on top of the headlines for Dragon Ball Super. Questions about their appearance and skill sets opened tons of predictions and theories. Well, in Dragon Ball Super Episode 119, we’ll get a taste of what these invisible warriors can do.

As the spoilers suggest, after Universe 6’s annihilation, Universe 4 invisible warriors commenced a surprise attack on Goku and the rest of Universe 7. The big question now is, how can Universe 7 face Universe 4’s invisible warriors.

It has been discussed recently that Universe 7 will lose a member in the coming Dragon Ball Super episodes. To further investigate the events revealed by Dragon Ball Super Episode 119, it is speculated that Universe 4 will shed the next eliminated warrior for Universe 7. Hence, these are speculations only. Therefore, fans should take every information with a grain of salt.

Indeed, it’s another exciting battle to watch out for, not because, these warriors are invisible, but judging by the looks of Dragon Ball Super Episode 119, it is going to be a fierce enemy for Goku, and the rest of Universe 7.


What do you think about Universe 4’s secret warriors and Universe 6’s annihilation? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below. Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 airs December 10, 2017, via Funimation or Crunchyroll.