The Weeknd: Why Fans Think He Hates Selena Gomez Amid Bella Hadid Reconciliation Plans

David BeckerGetty Images

The Weeknd is said to be feuding with Selena Gomez, and fans seem to think it’s all for one particular reason.

According to Mashable, The Weeknd made the sudden decision not to follow his ex-girlfriend earlier this week on Instagram, but funny enough, Selena had already unfollowed her former partner on November 17.

The Weeknd then deleted all of his photos with Selena in them, hinting that they are not on good terms anymore.

In fact, right after reports claimed that the “Secrets” hitmaker had been spending quality time with his former lover, Bella Hadid, in New York City, Selena made the move to pull the plug and unfollow The Weeknd for good.

It seemed rather evident that Gomez may not have agreed with the idea that The Weeknd would visit Bella, who made it known she was heartbroken following the news that the R&B singer was seeing Selena earlier this year.

Whatever the case may be, The Weeknd returned the favor and unfollowed Selena back, and though it would seem like the two possibly can’t stand one another now, Mashable begs to differ.

The publication notes that they are both moving on with their lives — there’s no bad blood between the two of them but they just don’t see the need to see each other’s feeds anymore.

One fan agreed with the way Mashable worded their reasoning, taking to social media to say that The Weeknd probably doesn’t want to see photos of Selena and Justin Bieber together, and the same would go for the “Come & Get It” singer.

When the two decided to go their separate ways completely, sources claimed that they had not ended their relationship on bad terms, insisting that The Weeknd would continue to support Selena with her music and her lupus battle.

They have shared too much history together to call it quits and start feuding with one another.

Since The Weeknd’s breakup with Gomez, the singer has since gone on to reconcile with on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber, whom she is said to be happily in love with.

Even with that in mind, it becomes clear why both of them simply wanted to unfollow each other on Instagram.