Justin Bieber: Selena Gomez Helping Him Ditch Bad Boy Behavior For Sake Of Romance — How She Does It

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Justin Bieber couldn’t be happier to see how supportive Selena Gomez has been over his sudden change in behavior, it has been revealed.

Though Justin has been planning to clean up his bad boy image for several years now, staying out of the limelight and focusing his attention more on his health and fitness seems to be something that the Biebs is still adjusting to.

From how Hollywood Life has gathered things, Justin Bieber wants to strip himself from negative people that provide bad energy to him.

Instead, he keeps himself busy playing sports and exploring Los Angeles on bikes, scooters, and even goes on hike trails by himself to keep himself busy.

What a difference between the drag racing and house egging incidents Justin Bieber had found himself in had made just five years ago.

The publication adds that Justin is beyond happy that Selena is really helping him stay on the right path this time around.

While they are taking things slow, Gomez would obviously want to make sure that she’s making the right decision in getting back with her on-off boyfriend, but from what she’s seen so far, Selena has no regrets.

Justin Bieber wants to be the best version of himself, and with the way he has handled himself since the reunion, things couldn’t be going better for the duo.

Aside from playing sports and doing outdoor activities, Justin is also focused on getting his health right by eating nutrient foods.

The changes that Justin Bieber has been making for the past couple of months, even before Selena came into his life, have shown how determined he is to show people — not just her family — that he’s a changed man.

The teenage bad boy behavior is long behind him, and the 23-year-old hopes that people will eventually see that because from how it appears, Selena Gomez is aware of it all and totally supports her boyfriend’s new outlook on life.

The duo has remained quiet about their romance on social media, refusing to confirm or deny reports that they’re dating. But it’s no secret that they are definitely an item.